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chances of getting two chemical pregnancies in a row?

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wildfire613 Sun 30-Nov-14 01:46:45

Just got bfp this morning 1-2 days before AF was due. However my last bfp in september was a chemical pregnancy so I'm a little about this one as well. Anyone get 2 chemical pregnancies in a row?

Primaryteach87 Sun 30-Nov-14 01:51:49

I had this repeatedly. Start 'logging it' with your GP. I think it would be rare to happen by chance more than twice, so if it happens again (If possible) ask to be put on progesterone from ovulation. It worked first cycle for me.

Daveface Sun 30-Nov-14 08:48:14

Good luck. I hope this one sticks.

I had a chemical/early miscarriahe last month (I was just under 6 weeks) and am pregnant again but other than 4 BFP tests I am symptomless so not feeling very reassured right now.

Primaryteach87 Sun 30-Nov-14 14:39:58

PS sorry realise my first post sounds pessimistic! By far the most likely situation is that your pregnancy will continue you as normal. Good luck.

wildfire613 Sun 30-Nov-14 16:07:54

I hope so. Having nightmares the last few days that af came. I mean I could go out and test again but the symptoms are there, tired, constipation, tender boobs, no cm change, today or tomorrow af was due and no sign besides headaches. Just hoping for the best this time.

wildfire613 Sun 30-Nov-14 21:35:29

Well deffinitely not a chemical pregnancy. Middle one was taken yesterday and outside ones taken today. HCG levels are clearly rising so we have a STICKY.

Primaryteach87 Mon 01-Dec-14 01:03:08

Brilliant :-)

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