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HettyB Sat 29-Nov-14 13:07:40

Disclaimer: I know this post is useless as the sensible answer is 'wait until Tuesday and take a test if AF doesn't arrive', but I enjoy indulging in symptom spotting!

Hi ladies,

Some of you might remember me from a bus or two a while back when DP agreed (briefly, as it turned out) that we could NTNP. I had to take a break due to an abnormal smear that needed investigating - everything turned out to be fine but in the meantime DP changed his mind about having a baby (grrrrr) and said he wants to wait.

That doesn't stop me symptom spotting though! While we're not trying, the only thing we use in the way of contraception is trying to avoid dtd around my most fertile time. However, this month we didn't pay so much attention - I was convinced I wasn't ovulating, thought if I did OV it would be too late to stick, etc.

So... Evidence I could be up-duffed:
- had day 21 bloods done, results were 42 which I think means I OVed, especially as they were done only 4/5 days after when I think I could have OVed (neg OPKs before that, gave up and decided to wait for the bloods)
- had weird crampy pinchy pains around 6/7 dpo, and a day of AF-type pain on 7 dpo which made me think AF was on her way but it only lasted a day
- yellow CM this morning - kind of 'gungey' and a bit like snot rather than the usual white creamy stuff I'd expect at this time in my cycle, but there wasn't much of it.

Evidence I'm a manic symptom spotting weirdo:
- if I did OV when I suspect and my period comes when I expect, that means my luteal phase is 11 days - is this too short?
- I have sore boobs, which I always get pre-AF, and they feel less sore than usual
- we didn't get pregnant on any of the other months when we were less than careful
- I had a negative hpt on 8dpo. I know this is too early to test but I felt compelled to do an IC!
- I have no real pregnancy symptoms!

Of course, I know the answer - take a test on Tuesday when AF is due, but I thought some of you might like to while away a sunny Saturday by assessing my chances!

Hetty xx

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