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Don't know what to do???

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Spanielpuppy Sat 29-Nov-14 10:03:08

Don't really know which "topic" this comes under so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

Ds took 3yrs to conceive I eventually did conceive naturally got a BFP days before IVF consultation. Although at the seminar the clinic put on a week or so before you have a one to one consultation. I had a panic attack and couldn't get out of the car.

The last year or so of it I felt like was going crazy. I would cry uncontrollably most of the time especially if I had found out that someone was pregnant even of it was a character out of a book.

We are now starting ttc again on only cycle 2 but I already feel really low about it. Don't want to do anything. If I arrange to meet friends I'm wishing that they would cancel. I'm piling on weight, I feel like I'm being a bad parent, wife friend.

It's now starting to affect my work, I'm making silly mistakes and being pulled up on them.

As I sit here now I'm crying, not felt like this for ages. Don't know what to do???

Should we stop ttc for a few weeks? Do I need to get a grip? Go to gp take some time off work?

Anyone else feel like this???

Any ideas?

Sorry so long sad😥😢

HettyB Sat 29-Nov-14 12:50:43


I'm afraid I can't offer much in the way of advice as I haven't been through that myself, but I just wanted to send you a big hug.

I think you should talk to your doctor about how you're feeling, if you feel able to. Have you talked to your DP or a close friend or anyone about it?

Hetty xx

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