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enocar Fri 28-Nov-14 19:16:20

So after saying I was borderline PCOS, and then the next blood test was fine and so I was unexplained infertility, and that she was putting me on the waiting list for iui, I saw another Dr today (gynocologist), and she started saying about IVF, and said I've been diagnosed with PCOS, which I then told her what I had been told. They had no record of my last blood test (Done after the last appointment with the fertility doctor) done on diff days of my cycle again, asked my husband when he had his sperm sample, which should have been in the file, but they couldn't find it :/ Both of us had blood tests hiv, chlamydia, etc, they need for ivf criteria, and I've got to have more blood tests next cycle, day 4 and something (not got the paperwork on me) I just feel like this is a complete farce, near 2 hrs late going in and was less than 5 mins in with her. I have regular periods, 28_33 days depends on how stressed I am, I feel like I'm just going to be shoved on a waiting list and forgotten about �� I'm in Wales (carmarthenshire) and I've seen that you only get one go on ivf, feel like it's never going to happen, I'm also 34 which means I don't have much of a chance of a success anyway, and with my luck, the outcome is pretty much set sad I wish I didn't want kids then I wouldn't have to go thru this, and I don't really have anyone to talk to about how low it's making me feel sad Everyone's answer is it'll happen one day, really? If you know so much can you give me a timeline? I feel like in falling apart, because im trying so hard to pretend to everyone that im okay sad

TinkerBlue Fri 28-Nov-14 19:56:59

It's ok not to be ok sad this stuff is really hard.

It sounds to me that you need further diagnostic tests to confirm your pcos. At least that way you can do your own research and formulate a plan.

It sounds like they are doing lh/fsh tests on day 4, then progesterone on day 21. These are standard tests to see if you're ovulating. They might then be offering you a scan to confirm cysts on your ovaries. After that they may look at doing a lap and dye which will check if your tubes are clear.

If it were me I'd want all this done before doing ivf. I'm assuming your dh sa was normal?

If you aren't ovulating and his sa is fine I would want to know why I couldn't try clomid first.

It sounds like the care you are getting isn't great. They really should be explaining things better. I'm not sure why they are putting you on an off waiting list without doing further investigation and confirming a diagnosis first.

I would suggest having the next bloods and then requesting a scan.

You aren't alone, there are tonnes of us going through this flowers

TinkerBlue Fri 28-Nov-14 19:58:31

Ivf not off

enocar Fri 28-Nov-14 20:31:10

Thank you for replying Tinkerblue, i read the first line and promptly burst into tears, its so hard to keep pretending im okay sad Ive had the HSG test that was all clear, couple of months clomid, and usual blood tests. Yep OH is perfectly fine, the blame all lies with me, im glad thou because I wouldn't want him feeling like I do, that im ruining his chances of being a dad sad Far as I gather the tests im having done and OH has had done, are the ones they ask for as part of IVF, ive to go back and see her in 6 weeks, so least that's not too long to wait. Also according to bt I am ovulating, but only just, hence the clomid to boost ov. Not on anything atm just hoping for a miracle, im well overdue one of them.

TinkerBlue Fri 28-Nov-14 20:38:21

Good, it sounds like you a further down the road than I thought. It's so tough going through all this. It's ok to have a meltdown, have some wine and cake and remember there are loads of other women in the exact same situation out there to vent to whenever you need to. You are on the right road x

Karbea Fri 28-Nov-14 20:41:04

Sorry you're feeling like this, but you are young in the world of Ivf and if you do have pcos Ivf works really well for pcos ladies. Chin up!

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