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Is 35.40 a really low temp for pre ovulation?

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tessiegirl Thu 27-Nov-14 12:26:40

Hello ladies, I wonder if someone can help me as I am a bit concerned.

I took my BBT this morning and got a reading of 35.40. I am on my second day of peak on CB ov tests so I am expecting to ovulate today and I should see a rise in my temp tomorrow morning.

Has anyone had a temp pre ovulation that was this low??!!

My pre-ov temps were much lower than this ranging anywhere from 35.90 to 36.40. My post-ov temps are always 36.60 and higher.

So not low at all. How long have you been tracking? Is this normal for you?

Sorry misread - it's low but could be you are ov'ing and it's just really low!! I'd wait and see what it does tomorrow but I wouldn't worry too much!!! smile

tessiegirl Fri 28-Nov-14 10:24:23

Thanks Mooley! Temp shot back up this morning so I think I may have ovulated yesterday, will wait for ff to confirm in a couple of days fx!!

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