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possible tmi question for people who have miscarried

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mountaingirl01 Thu 27-Nov-14 10:16:03

I started miscarrying on Monday at 6.3 weeks. My last mc was silent and I haven't had AF in nearly 10 years so I'm a bit clueless as to how much blood I should be loosing/how long this should go on for. I'm trying to deal with the loss of my baby and would like the physical side of all this to go away. I know that each person is different, but I would be very appreciative if people could share their stories so I have some sense of what to expect.

I started bleeding on Monday, heavy but not as heavy as I would expect, since then I have lost blood every day but pretty much only when I go to the toilet. I feel like I should be bleeding more and I'm scared I'm going to need d&c. My hcg levels are dropping quickly.

Thanks in advance..

willitbe Thu 27-Nov-14 15:28:23

Sorry for your loss. There is a miscarriage section under body and soul, there is lots of help there.

Unfortunately it is not possible to tell you exactly what you should expect as every miscarriage is different. The early miscarriages I have had have varied from very light to moderately heavy, but not really any longer than a normal period.

The fact that your hcg levels are dropping quickly is good, also it is rare to have retained products needed a D&C in the early weeks. So I think that you can be reasonably confident that it will all happy natural for you this time.

Be kind to yourself, rest when you want to. Take time to grieve your sad loss too.

mountaingirl01 Thu 27-Nov-14 15:47:06

Thank you wil

beccaroo Thu 27-Nov-14 20:04:42

Hi there, so sorry to hear about your MC. I also mc'd around the same stage as you and I bled for two weeks which I think is fairly normal so don't be alarmed if it carries on a while. I preferred to let it happen naturally but if you aren't coping with it you could ask for d&c. I found that after a week I was feeling less depressed and more human but every time I went to the toilet I slumped again. When I stopped bleeding I felt SO much better.

Hope that helps, keep strong xx smile

barkingtreefrog Fri 28-Nov-14 17:29:47

It's different for everyone but with my second mc I continued bleeding on and off for 5 weeks. My hcg levels took ages to drop though, so if yours are dropping quickly that's a very good sign. The amount of blood differs a lot as well. As long as you get a 0 on your hcg levels you can be confident it's all over.
Hope you're feeling more comfortable soon thanks

dildoos Sat 29-Nov-14 06:58:28

Sorry to hear of your loss.

With everyone it's is totally different on flow and length.

I have had some light longer ones
Some heavy shorter ones.
Some with clots, some like water.
Some painful (physically) some not.

I think the best therapy is rest, some space to grieve for you and your dp.

Then get back on with TTC when your ready.

Huge hugs to you xx

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