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OPK - is this positive? The test line is definitely a tad darker... I think ha ha

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spamanderson Thu 27-Nov-14 07:51:43

This looks positive to me, both lines are fairly faint but the test line is a teeny bit dark than the control line...

Orangeisthenewbanana Thu 27-Nov-14 07:52:27

I would say positive smile

headlesslambrini Thu 27-Nov-14 07:58:11

Definitely a line. Congratulations.

spamanderson Thu 27-Nov-14 08:09:37

Yippee thank you smile was starting to panic I wasn't going to ov! It's CD19 for me so a bit of a late one smile

chubbocat Fri 05-Dec-14 08:20:02

Yes! that is defo a positive!

NewEraNewMindset Fri 05-Dec-14 08:22:45

Yep defo positive. I only ever get both lines the same strength.

spamanderson Fri 05-Dec-14 11:31:58

Thanks lovelies :D

artylady14 Tue 09-Dec-14 20:30:28

New era when you get the two lines just the same do you consider it to be a positive opk? I have had only that last cycle

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