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artylady14 Wed 26-Nov-14 20:58:47

I saw my Dr today and mentioned that I am 4dpo and having low temperatures going up and down vslightly and hovering above the cover line. I was concerned as I have never had this. Usually I get the three rises, quite obvious ones too. He told me to take the Day21 progesterone test - next cycle (as I am already on day 26 as I ovulate late) and take it on day21 even if I haven't ovulated yet? Surely this cant be right if I am testing for ovulation?

I am tempted to just go to hospital and have my test in a few days when I will be a week past my ovulation. I am also quite concerned that if I do get pregnant this cycle my progesterone levels must be low (I had a m/c earlier this year in the fifth week) and that I dont know what to do. I bought some wild yam today as he wouldnt give me any progesterone cream without testing of course. Anyone have any advice/experience? sad((

willitbe Thu 27-Nov-14 15:35:35

Can I ask why you think your progesterone is low? On the cycles I have been pregnant where I have charted, my temps are always low and just above coverline not really rising!!!! The chart should be biphasic, but the temps don't have to be high for a successful pregnancy.

The day 21 test needs to be taken between 6 and 9 dpo.

artylady14 Thu 27-Nov-14 17:58:51

Thank you for answering. I am not an expert at this at all, its just that I found my temperatures unusual as they look barely different to before ovulation and very different to my other charts - Just hovering above the coverline and not really looking like a different phase (yet). I then googled this (wrong I know) and found that it was a sign of low progesterone. Because of my early m/c I thought it was a sign. I am having my Day 21 test tomorrow on advice of my friend who is a GP (6dpo as I cant go on a Saturday). It is good to know you got pregnant with a similar chart. Thanks for your comment.

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