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Ovulation help - tell me your stories.

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TapDancingPimp Wed 26-Nov-14 13:39:09

Hi everyone,

I have ovulation issues. I've had a few CD21 tests done and they aren't the best (I think my max was around 20nMol). My periods range from 27-34 days.

I've been doing research on trying to increase progesterone and honetly I don't know where to start:

B6; B Complex; Agnus Castus...then I see ladies on here discussing the Soy Isoflavones and wonder is it an option?

Can anyone help? My Dr is aware of thie issues. I'm currently awaiting a LAP for suspected endo (amongst my other worries) but at the minute am focusing on ovulation as it's the only thing under my control.

I feel lost and helpless sad

Rainy34 Wed 26-Nov-14 14:42:56

I too have been wondering if i have issues with low progesterone as i spot for a good few days before period comes,

I have been trying vitamin b complex and also read somewhere that evening primrose oil is good for balancing hormones,
I don't know much about soy Isoflavones but do think it helps you ovulate and produce more or better eggs, it can mess up your cycle so i am wary to start anything else, I am going to the doctors next week to ask about low progesterone,

hope you get the help you need

TapDancingPimp Wed 26-Nov-14 16:35:41

Hi Rainy.

Yeah I've been taking B6 for about 4 weeks to try and raise my progesterone however have only recently discovered that you're supposed to take it in conjunction with all the other B-Vitamins (hoping someone can confirm this!).

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