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Weird cycles after Mirena. Help?

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RubMyLamp Mon 24-Nov-14 16:47:11

I was on Mirena for almost 2 years.

Removed on 6th October.
Positive OPKs 16th/17th/18th.
AF started on 19th October.
AF stopped on 24rd October.

MORE AF on 2nd November.
Stopped on 8th November.

Positive OPKs and CM indicating ovulation around the 11th/12th November.


I've never experienced anything like this before.

My eldest DD - came off the pill September 2007, early December 2007, DD born prem on 10th July 2008.

When I had Implanon out in January 2010, I had a 3 day bleed, then nothing until the March when AF appeared on 25th and then again on 24th April and then I got a BFP in Mary 2011, DD born 13th January 2011.

I was 21 & 24 when I conceived DDs. I'm now 28, roughly the same weight give or take half a stone depending on how much I scoff/lounge about But its not the lack of conceiving immediately thats a bit hmm its the 4 lots of AF in such a short space of time. Is this something I should be worried about?

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