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CT Scan on wisdom teeth whilst TTC

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52States Mon 24-Nov-14 00:13:56


Can anyone advise me? Long story short I am going for a scan on my wisdom teeth this Thursday, I should ovulate on Tuesday. It says on the letter if there's a risk I could be pregnant then I must let them know as I can't have the scan. Should I ring up and cancel on the off chance I get caught on Tuesday? Been DTD lots this last week as i'm struggling to conceive & didn't want to skip a month just because of this scan. Am I being over cautious as it would only be a day or two after the egg was fertilised (presuming it works this month of course) Going to ring and ask for advice tomorrow, but trouble is I could really do with this scan being done.

dizzylemon Mon 24-Nov-14 12:02:05

As you are getting proper advice, I'd go with what the doc says but I reckon it'd be too soon to worry about it, and you should go ahead with the scan and not worry smile

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