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How to know when I'm ovulating

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funnylittlekaty Sun 23-Nov-14 22:06:34

Ttc number 2. Got pregnant last time in cycle 5 with a pretty regular 35 day cycle once my period had come back after being on the pill for years. This time I'm completely befuddled! Came
off the pill end of June. Had a period end of July. Since then, cycles have gone 30 days, 29 days, 34 days, 23 days. Have no idea when to do the deed! I thought I was
Ovulating last week (based on dates and ewcm) but then got af today, much to my massive surprise. Wanted to avoid going down opk route as thought it might make me a bit obsessed and weird (more than I am now!) but maybe it would help?
Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! grin

BobsyBoo Sun 23-Nov-14 23:29:19

Hi funnylittlekaty

I've been trying for #2 for nearly 2 years, I've been very unlucky though & most people don't take that long. It was after TTC for well over a year I decided to try OPK's which I find help to know you're about to ov, although they only detect an LH Surge which usually means your approaching ovulation. Taking your temperature every morning at the same time after a few hours solid sleep is a good way to confirm you've ovulated as your temperature spikes after ovulation. I use an app called Fertility Friend & record all my fertile signs & my temperature & it confirms the day I ovulated which I find helpful. I know this might sound a bit obsessive but I've been trying that long I've had to be. When you get EWCM that usually means your in your fertile window & they say it dries up once you've ovulated so that could also give you an idea.

Sorry if I've gone on a bit, good luck.

funnylittlekaty Mon 24-Nov-14 20:01:00

Thank you...that's helpful. I think I might go for opk as I've got no idea how long my cycle is now and when I should/would be due. Does the temperature measuring help? Have you got a regular cycle? It's hard not to get frustrated with it all isn't it? I really feel for you bobsy, and am keeping everything crossed you'll get your bfp soon...

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