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Time between Implantation & BFP.

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nutelladipper Sun 23-Nov-14 20:07:30

Hey all,
Can you help! I'm driving myself bonkers.

Previous cycles have ranged from 23 to 29 days, although last month was 32. My ov day vary but I've always though ive had 11/12 day luteal phase.

So the facts this cycle are: got positive opk on evening of cd14 (10th nov). So I've assumed, for the purposes of counting, I ovd on the 11th/cd 15. 8po I had a few hours of blood when wiping which I've never had before even when I've been pregnant. I am hopeful it was implantation. I thought based on ov date & lp that I'd be due AF/bfp by today or yesterday. So far no AF and only bfns.

My friend Google says you should be able to get a bfp about two days after implantation. My question is - can it take longer than 2 days? I.e. Could I still be in with a chance? It's 4 days after IB & I'm 12 dpo, cd27.

Admittedly only using Morrison tests as that's all i could get hold of.

I'm exhausted, on & off metallic taste in my mouth, bloated but let's face it I could be imagining it. I do feel pregnant.


allchatnicknamesgone Mon 24-Nov-14 17:07:02

I'd wait another 24-48 hrs and try again. If you are having pregnancy symptoms though, one would assume you had hcg in your blood in.

Good luck in a few days time.

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