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Ttc no1. Questions about Ewcm and also about hot baths after ovulation

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Summerdays2014 Sun 23-Nov-14 11:59:03

Hi all,

First post, so a bit of background...

I've been ttc my first since July. I'm 31 and dh is 34. Was on microgynon for about 12 years. Periods have gone back to being between 27 and 32 days.

Two things are bothering me and I'd like a bit of advice please.

I had a leep/leetz to remove CIN3 and high grade CGIN cells from cervix in June. I'm terrified that this will make it more difficult to conceive and that this is the reason I get no ewcm (have been taking epo-no difference)

According to OPKs I ovulated 2 days ago. Yesterday I had a really hot bath (I know it was too hot, I felt lightheaded afterwards) and I'm now terrified that if I did conceive I will have killed/damaged baby or that it will prevent implantation.

I haven't been handling this ttc business too well (I have suffered from depression in the past) and whilst I am aware that 5 months is not long I am getting increasingly worried.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received, many thanks for reading.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 23-Nov-14 12:10:42

All a too hot bath would do is make your skin red in colour. Bath water should ideally be just slightly warmer than your own body temperature. It would not have done any harm at all to your uterus or any foetus contained within, your uterus is well protected from the rigours of bathing.

I would now speak to your doctor about both your current state of mental health and anxiety and the medical procedure you previously underwent.

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