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2WW symptom - cramping experiences

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tootsroots Fri 21-Nov-14 22:43:15

Hi all
After for some explaination and experience sharing.

I have irregular cycles as came of marvelon pill after centuries - no idea of what my teen cycles were!

Anyhow- I had mega ewcm last fri and sat and a +ve opk ic so let's asuume I did Ov so had dtd lots luckily all the week before mand that weekend.

Tmi warning now!
Am on cd37 so ov was about cd30/1.

Anyway for the last 24 hours I have been having sharp pains in my pelvis area just below my bikini line on both sides and also in the middle - not a af pain I have had. Also had thick stringy cream coloured cm all week. Only a couple times a day when I wipe etc.

Curious where others are getting cramping sensations?


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