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CBFM - TTC#2 for 9 months but only 3 peaks. Advice please!

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backtotheplanet Fri 21-Nov-14 10:33:57

Hi Ladies,

I've been ttc #2 for 9 months now. We have been using the CBFM every month but have only had 3 peaks in that time. When I conceived DS1 I was using the monitor and fell pregnant 3 times after a couple of months of trying (two ended in miscarriage) We had peaks every month bar one I believe. I am now 3 years older (35) a and my DS1 was delivered via emergency c-section (not sure if that has an impact on fertility?).

I wondered if anyone had a similar experience and can offer any advice? I am in my TWW and have a Dr's appointment booked after my period is due in case we are unsuccessful this month.

I'm also nervous about going to the Dr to ask for help as I worry that they wont be interested yet. They were pretty unhelpful about the miscarriages last time so I'd be interested to hear others experience of seeing the Dr regarding fertility.

Many thanks in advance!

SilverStars Fri 21-Nov-14 18:59:14

Hi, sorry to hear it is taking you longer. I used CBFM also, but took. Long time to conceive but found it took some stress out.

Your gp should be able to offer you blood tests to check ovulation - usually set days of cycle ( day 3 and then 7 days before period due) which is helpful. Other tests depends - mine offered a semen analysis and nothing else because there is no funding of struggle for 2nd child where I live so we had to go private after basic tests.

backtotheplanet Sun 23-Nov-14 07:57:20

Thanks so much for your reply silverstars I'll ask for the ovulation test if it doesn't happen this month.

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