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Ttc-ing #3 but no periods. Is this just AF or could this be it??!!

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Up2nogood Wed 19-Nov-14 05:46:56

Humour me please, it's been a while since I've been on this board and since I've had a proper period!

So, we (hubby and I) are ttcing#3. But it's all been a bit of guess work as I've not had my periods back yet.

Dd a big fan of mummies milk so it's been a mission recently to cut it down. I've been pee-ing on ovulation sticks for about 2 months and we were dtd fairly regulary. About 3 weeks ago it felt like something was gearing up and about 2 weeks ago I got a clear surge line on ovulation stick. Dtd and waited.

Since then I've had all sorts of aches and pains. Left side stretches. In fact a constant ache, all the time. Even now in bed. I think I had implantation in the left side with both dc. And omg sooooooo much mucus. And a very faint bleed about 3/4 days ago (expected AF to show but didn't do wondering if possibly implantation).

So, I'm well into my 2ww, but I peed on a cheapy test yesterday with bfn. These aches are driving me crazy symptom spotting but are highly likely to be AF, my problem is I can't remember what AF feels like as I only had 1 between Ds and Dd.

So, go on humour me......, what do you think? grin

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