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Do you think I am pregnant or am I being crazy?

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mameulah Mon 17-Nov-14 22:28:37


I have toddler and a fourteen week old baby. I think my cycle used to be twenty eight days but it did vary. I have bled one day in September and had a normal period that last for four days, starting on the 16th October.

We last dtd 10 days ago.

No period, yet. One three negative pregnancy test.

Am I being crazy?

spamanderson Tue 18-Nov-14 08:23:48

It's possible but if you're getting negative tests it's either that you're not or it's too early to tell. But your LO is only small so it could well still be your cycle getting back into its own routine again. Mine went from a very long cycle before children to then being 28 days so it can change. I would leave it a few more days then test again (freer or clear blue). If it's still not come, maybe a trip to the GP for a blood test?

Noniks3 Tue 18-Nov-14 13:27:23

If you assume that your cycle has returned to a normal 28 days & cd 1 was 16/10 then your fertile window would have been from about 27/10 - 1/11. DTD 10 days ago would not be in your fertile window so only possible (if your are back to normal cycles) if you dtd around that window. Hope you're ok x

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