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Referral to gynocologist

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enocar Mon 17-Nov-14 13:09:24

Im hoping that someone can help, my last post didn't get any replies, but perhaps someone has joined since, that might have the answers I need sad I have seen a fertility specialist, have had hsg, blood tests, clomid, hubby has had sperm test, he was fine, I am unexplained. So apparently im waiting for an appointment for IUI, which by the waiting list last time I saw the fertility dr would be December time. I received a letter end of Oct to make an appointment with a consultant who's speciality is Gynaecology, ive looked online, and im really confused as from what I gather, they do the same tests that i've already had, and THEN refer you to a fertility doctor?

dizzylemon Mon 17-Nov-14 15:17:13


I'm sorry you're going through an anxious time.

I'm pretty sure they mean that the consultant is the fertility doctor, since gynecology is the area fertility would sit in and a consultant level is pretty experienced for a doctor. They well take more bloods for more detailed tests as well.

I've not gone through this myself though, as I've only seen a gynae in relation to a cyst. I don;t think you have anything to worry about and it's good that something's being done smile

All the best.

(p.s. for more replies, try adding the reason for the referral to the topic? Because gynecology covers quite a few issues!)

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