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First post - BFP!!!

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purpleleaf Sun 16-Nov-14 16:22:49

I have been hovering around on the site for the past while, stopped taking bc in august and started trying properly to conceive this month, af was due today and has been like clockwork normally no sign this morning so tested this afternoon (no patience to wait any longer!!) And got my BFP! ! Used the digital clear blue which is showing 2-3 weeks, still in shock even though this is what we wanted but me and dh both thrilled! Just wanted to share the news on here since I cannot tell anyone else yet! Not sure what to do next, do you normally take another test to make sure, not sure of I need a doctor's appointment or just call them (our local practice is just small with gps rather than maternity section) aaah so many thoughts and questions smilesmile

madsadbad Sun 16-Nov-14 18:09:40

Congratulations! flowers

BotBotticelli Sun 16-Nov-14 20:57:24

Congrats! No need to test again - there's no such thing as a false positive!

If you're not sure how the process works in your local NHS for referral into the midwives service I would advise making a GP appointment to start with and he/she can get the ball rolling for you (and answer any initial first timer questions you may have).

From what I remember they usually like to get you booked in with the midwives for your first appointment around 8w and then your scan at 12w of course!! Eeek exciting!

purpleleaf Sun 16-Nov-14 21:33:06

It is so exciting, does not feel real at all yet though, will give the go a call tomorrow to make an appointment, can't stop smiling smile

Lewaney3 Tue 18-Nov-14 04:20:56

Congratulations purpleleaf lovely news! Just read your post after discovering I'm pregnant! My AF was also due yesterday/Sunday. Totally forgot about it until I was in bed...cue a mad dash to asdas to get a test grin

This will hopefully be my first. I'm also not too sure about the whole process! But thought I'd send well wishes as I have no one to tell either apart from DH smile

purpleleaf Tue 18-Nov-14 21:04:32

Congratulations to you too lewaney3, such an exciting / scary moment when it comes up positive, although hoping for it I don't think I was actually expecing it smile I called the go today and they said just to go ahead and book appointment with the midwife for when 8 weeks, im so impatient it will feel like a long wait till then confused

Lewaney3 Fri 21-Nov-14 03:04:09

Thank you smile yes I can relate completely! It was our first month of trying so me and DH are still trying to believe that it's all happened so quick..we are very lucky and can't contain our happiness! I'm bursting to tell my mom but have vowed not until 12 weeks.

I also called my Gp and was told to book in with midwife at 8 seems so far away. I was surprised as its my first I didn't get a general appt with gp to go over vitamins etc :/ hope your getting on well purpleleaf.

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