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Positive ovulation test how often can I have sex

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Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 09:13:49

Hi all I got my first positive on the ovulation kit it's my day 11 how often can I have sex in my fertile window I read somewhere where it says it's best to have sex every other day but what's wrong with having it daily just to be sure

HazleNutt Sat 15-Nov-14 10:17:32

nothing wrong with having sex every day - in fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that having sex every day is slightly more likely to result in pregnancy than intercourse every other day.

HazleNutt Sat 15-Nov-14 10:18:55

but also, if you want to get pregnant, it's not the best to wait until you get a positive. the same study found that having sex beginning six days prior to ovulation is the most conducive to achieving conception.

ProbablyMe Sat 15-Nov-14 10:19:37

Whenever you want to!! Why the hell ask online!? The weekend I conceived we DTD 6 times in two days. Get on with it lol!!

Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 11:14:25

you don't have to reply if it bothers you it's something some studies have shown if you conceived easily good for you some of us are struggling not point being rude this is a site for people to get ideas from others if you don't know

Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 11:15:30

Thank you Hazelnutt, that's very helpful

m33r Sat 15-Nov-14 13:54:03

probably we tried for 20months and the month we got pg we dtd every day. We did this a lot of minths though. I suppose I'd say, as much as you IMO. Good luck x

My ovulation kits always showed I was fertile 2 weeks after my period. In reality? I conceived straight after my period. The day after it end. Get your hump in every day, better chance really

angelaham Sat 15-Nov-14 14:06:09

I think they say that in some men that may not have great sperm count its best to do it every other day to make sure of good quality sperm, maybe try every other day from a positive and keep doing it for a days more just incase you ovulate later than you think

ProbablyMe Sat 15-Nov-14 18:28:33

Onemillion - I have been on this site for a while whilst ttc, I am giving my opinion. Don't a) patronise me when I give it and b) get annoyed just dos it's not what you want to hear. If what you want to hear is " yes, only have sex every 2 days " then don't ask in the first place unless you don't object to different, subjective answers.

Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 20:38:11

Probably you didn't have to "why the hell ask" if you have been on here while trying you know that some websites say have sex every other day and others day have sex every day so it's not obvious for some of us hence that's why I asked for peoples opinions and advice

Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 20:43:49

Probably you didn't have to say " why the hell ask on line" this is mumsnet I didn't put it on Facebook it's the write place to ask such a question and I only asked because some websites say have sex every other day and others say have sex every day and you you had to do is advise me

WorkingBling Sat 15-Nov-14 21:05:40

Once you get a positive for ovulation, you only have a window of about 12 hours. If you use the ovulation kits and find that you consistently ovulate around day 11, you should be aiming to have sex regularly (daily, 36 or at most, 48 hour intervals) from about day five. Sperm has a much longer "shelf life" than the egg so ideally you want there to be some sperm floating around in there before you even ovulate.

Onemilliongal Sat 15-Nov-14 21:15:19

Thanks workingbling that is very very helpful

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