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Anyone TTC 20+months?

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BobsyBoo Sat 15-Nov-14 00:25:32

I just thought I'd start a thread for any long term TTCers.

I have been trying for 22 cycles now to conceive baby #2. My DD is 4 now & I'm 38, not the best age I know but I was 36 when we started trying.

I've had some blood tests which were clear but on my last visit to the doc she said it was due to my age & nothing further they could do.

I've tried most things I can think of, OPK's, temping, Trying for a baby tablets, Reflexology, Maca and most recently Soy Isoflavones but to no avail, quite a few people on here have got a BFP from taking Soy but it doesn't appear to have worked for me.

I'm feeling really down about it at the moment & doubting it will ever happen now.

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