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Faint line on tesco after 3-4 mins ?????

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chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 06:38:39

Hi there I'm new to mumsnet and want people in my position to talk to !... I've been ttc for nearly 2 years. Just done 1st round of clomid, had two big follies on scan and serum progesterone was over 190... Definatly ovulated more than one egg !... I'm approx 12/13dpo and did a tesco test yesterday afternoon, nothing came up straight away but went back to the toilet half hour later and a faint grey/pink line was there .... Put it down to an Evap line and thought I'd do another today ... So I did and another faint line exactly the same came up after about 3-5 mins

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Thu 13-Nov-14 09:05:53

Hi Chesty can you post a pic? The first one does sound like an evap but the second seems promising, especially as it was within the timeframe. Fx'd. I conceived my DD on my first round of clomid so hope it works for you smile

Betsy003 Thu 13-Nov-14 09:08:08

I have clomid babies. Amazing drug!!!

Post a pic. Grey is an evaporation line. Pink (no matter how light) is a pregnant line.

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 13-Nov-14 09:12:35

Just over a year ago, I got a 'negative' result with a Tesco test. A few minutes later I checked again, and had a fainter than faint line. Now I have a 4 month old DD. Post a photo, i'll post mine for comparison.

Donttellmetorelax Thu 13-Nov-14 09:34:31

chestylaroo Do another one tomorrow first wee in the morning. And keep us posted.

I'm waiting for AF so I can start my first round of Clomid grin.

Good luck!

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 13-Nov-14 09:56:28

This was my fainter than faint tesco positive

mollypollly Thu 13-Nov-14 10:20:35

Hi OP!
I can't see the pic as I'm on the app, but I had a super feint line with my DD-it got progressively less feint everyday till it was a v clear BFP. They do say that a line is a line, so keeping my fingers crossed for you!
My sis in law got preggo on first cycle with clomid, it really is an amazing drug smile x

HazleNutt Thu 13-Nov-14 15:10:49

if this cape up in 3-4 minutes then it's a line.

HazleNutt Thu 13-Nov-14 15:11:06

came, not cape, obviously.

Bicnod Thu 13-Nov-14 15:14:20

Looks like a line to me smile. I had a very very faint line on Tesco but slightly stronger on first response so maybe test again with a first response?

janey1234 Thu 13-Nov-14 15:32:31

Looks very much like a line to me.
I'm currently pg and with this one and the last, the first time I got a line it was just as pale as that, and got darker over a few days.
There would be NOTHING if there was no HSG, and there's def something... smile

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 16:58:46

Sorry just figuring out how to open your pictures and how to upload mine shock

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 17:14:35

Can anyone tell me how to upload a pic via the app on iPhone I'm lost ???

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 18:03:15

That's what mine looks like !

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 18:04:51

Hopefully you can see mine... Not the best bedroom light !

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 18:07:55

I also forgot to say that my period is not due til between Sunday and Tuesday I don't think tesco are designed to be done early like some... Instructions say from first day period due... I'm also doing progesterone predators so hoping all this effort with clomid and scans and pessaries has not been in vain... I can't let myself get excited due to the chemical I had in August... Now to wait another 2 days before doing another eeeek !!!

SoonToBeSix Thu 13-Nov-14 18:08:49

They look positive, congrats

NorwaySpruce Thu 13-Nov-14 18:10:16

I've not had fertility treatment, but I had a test fixation during all of my pregnancies grin

I distinctly remember testing a few days before my period last time, and the test line was if anything, less clear than Winkleys. The baby was very definitely there! After a few days, the line appeared more quickly, but not necessarily more strongly/visibly.

Conversely, when not pregnant, a line didn't appear, no matter how long I left the test. If the pg hormone isn't there, it isn't there.

If you can see a line, however faint, you're pregnant grin.


NorwaySpruce Thu 13-Nov-14 18:11:25

Just seen your pics, that's a definite line flowers

Looks exactly like all of mine did.

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 18:19:42

I've just got it in my head they are Evaps even though one of them I stood and watched come up after a few minutes ... I do like to torture myself !

NorwaySpruce Thu 13-Nov-14 18:26:29

I have never, in all of my many pg tests, seen an evap line, even after hours.

If you get a line within 30 minutes, I'd say you've done it grin

Bicnod Thu 13-Nov-14 18:29:53

Sorry - didn't clock that the first pic wasn't the OP's.

OP - that looks like a line to me - congratulations grin

chestylaroo Thu 13-Nov-14 18:40:49

I've never had an Evap line either before but then I can't say i remember using a tesco test before either... . I'm going to get frer which are Bogof at boots tommorow after work and do one Saturday morning . Thank you ladies I think after last time I just need reassurance x I shall post when done x

spamanderson Thu 13-Nov-14 19:28:52

I Deffo see lines and if they were mine I'd be saying I was pregnant smile congrats!

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Thu 13-Nov-14 19:57:36

That's def a line; it took ages for any test other than FRERS to get a decent line (I'm currently 7+4). I'd invest in an FRER as they are quite sensitive! But congrats, a line is a line no matter how faint smile

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