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Anyone on Duloxetine/Xeristar or similar SSRIs?

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spamanderson Wed 12-Nov-14 19:56:04

As the title says really! I'm on Duloxetine for anxiety and the info in the the packaging sounds quite worrying! Just wondered if anyone else is TTC-ing and continuing to take them or has stopped them?

FattyFishwife Fri 14-Nov-14 13:38:13

I was on venlafaxine when i conceived my 5th, continued to take it (a high dose of 225mg) throughout my pregnancy too.

Baby was born to term via elective c-section, weighing 6lbs 1 3/4 oz....a whole TWO pounds lighter than my other 4!!!

he was a tad 'jittery' and had a low blood sugar, and spent 36 hours in the SCBU. He was a little slow to start feeding and get to grips with it (but that could have been cos my boob was twice the size of his head with massive nips!!)

and i also found that he had no tears when he cried...not even when he really sobbed the place down, until he stopped breast feeding, then his tears came in (he was about maybe.....22 months old) I put this down to the venlafaxine, as one of the symptoms it lists for people who take it is dry eyes.....but this is only my assumption

other than that all was fine....he is 4 now, very clever, great with numbers and phonics...a little smaller than some of the other kids, but there are smaller than him. he his all his milestones, and did them well, and is a normal wonderful 4 year old.

i found i was better able to cope with him too (i suffer from PND) because i hadnt had a break from my anti-d's and didnt have to wait for them to build up again.

hope that helps xxx

Nomio230 Fri 14-Nov-14 18:38:36

I am on Venlafaxine (an SSNRI) & have gradually weaned myself from 300mg a day down to 150mg. I am thinking of dropping to 75mg as I am worried about taking it if I get pregnant, but am also worried about going crazy (my term for depression) again if I stop!

I don't think there is a specific right or wrong in this situation. The medical advice seems to be to cut down if you can, but if you feel that stopping the tablets would be harmful to your mental health, then continue with them. Your future baby needs a happy, healthy mummy. X

FattyFishwife Sat 15-Nov-14 15:10:28

nomio i was on the 225mg throughout my TTC, my pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding, and those are the only probs i encountered (I know that not everyone is the same)

I have been on anti d's for the last 20 years, and this was the first time I DIDNT stop them (weaned off) whilst being pregnant. I have to say that I did feel more ....normal as it were, with not stopping them, as my PND wasnt nearly as bad as it had been with having no anti d's in my system post birth.

of course i had the usual 3-4 day baby blues, where i cried non stop, and the normal worries and stuff that any mum gets straight after having a baby, but no where near the level of depression, self doubt, sadness etc etc ....and that i felt helped me bond with my last (5th) baby quicker and better than the others, and also made me happier as the baby got older. I was more equipped to take joy in seeing my new born smile, gaze at me, play on the floor, feeding....any little thing, rather than feeling so wretched and exhausted that all i wanted to do was sleep.


BotBotticelli Sat 15-Nov-14 21:56:19

Hi OP I am TTC number 2.

Am currently on 10mg of Citalopram for anxiety and depression - PND from my first baby really, who turns two next week!

I had been on 20mg per day but reduced it down to 10 in discussion with my GP, as a first step towards coming off them (in the hope that I will be pregnant soon).

AF is due tomorrow and we did try to have sex around ovulation day this month so if I get a BFP on Minday I will be calling my GP ASAP about mapping out a plan to come off them altogether in the next few weeks xx

spamanderson Mon 17-Nov-14 12:47:46

Thanks ladies smile
We're ttc-ing and I'm currently taking duloxetine for anxiety and panic attacks. I ran out of them and didn't have the pennies in to pick up my repeat prescription. I've had bad dreams, I woke up with a panic attack this morning after a recurring horrible dream. I had PND with my first child, I was fine with my 2nd as I had a nice labour and didn't bf (I had a horrible labour with my first, mws were awful, I was pressured to bf but it didn't work, I think that contributed to my PND). I don't think I could cope off these tablets but I don't want to cause any issues to the baby (if I'm lucky enough to fall preggy again that is). I read the leaflet in with my meds and what it can cause in newborn babies was pretty terrifying :/ but I binded almost immediately with my youngest, I was able to take meds again as soon as she was born yet with my eldest it wasn't until 6 weeks that they gave me meds and I finally something other than hatred for her. I don't think I could risk feeling like that again, Is that selfish?

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