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Just had AMH test results back...need support & insight please!

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mummyonabroomstick Wed 12-Nov-14 19:37:31

Right, I'm a bit scared, I'm new here and in a very stressed out period of my life right now. I had some blood-work done last week and a nurse rang today (just bow to let me know the results of my AMH (Anti Mukkarian Hormone) test. She said it's 6.48 which is the lower range of normal for someone my age. Can't start a family with my bf for c couple of years as he's going through a messy divorce, lives in the states, is battling for child custody and wants to relocate so by the time we've all settled down and we start trying I could be 40+. I'm a bit worried as the nurse said it was the lower range of normal and I don't know what this means. Do any of you know anything about any of this or have experienced similar situations?

willitbe Wed 12-Nov-14 20:50:22


The AMH test is supposed to indicate the number of eggs you have left. The problem with the test is that it does not tell you the quality of the eggs.

So you can have a good high number of eggs and they all be genetically such that they will not produce a pregnancy, or the opposite extreme of having a very low number, that would seem hopeless, but it only takes one good egg.

This makes the AMH test fairly poor indicator of future fertility.

Having said that, I would be concerned delaying ttc til after forty, as it is not only the number of eggs that reduces but the quality too,

My personal experience was of conceiving easily in my late thirties, but turning 40 has produced the heartache of recurrent miscarriage due to age. I would not advise putting off ttc any longer than needed. Each year makes a difference.

Obviously if you can afford and are happy to try donor egg IVF, then that gives you more time if needed.

If you definitely have to delay, then while you are in the states still you could look at checking out other factors that could affect fertility, eg scanning uterus, checking progesterone levels regarding ovulation etc.

I hope you don't mind my suggestions.

Andcake Wed 12-Nov-14 21:02:10

Have you had any other ovarian reserve tests done - maybe ask for an afc (andreal (sp) follicle count) done. Have you had fsh tests too. If all conclude low ovarian reserve I would get your skates on and actually prompt DP into action tbh.
I had a low ovarian diagnosis at 37- it took 3 years 2 mc and a lot of heartache to eventually conceive at 39. I gave birth at 40 but since stopping bf periods have never really returned and I have menopausal symptoms hmm
My ovarian reserve was low yours might not be too bad but basically I was told mine was so low ivf would basically be impossible without donor eggs. Luckily I tried naturally and got my lucky egg so it is possible but I have friends who have not been so lucky.
Basically your bf needs to listen to your medical results and your desire for a baby and put that as one of his priorities. Or you could try freezing eggs...

mummyonabroomstick Wed 12-Nov-14 21:55:52

Willitbe: I have no choice but to wait I'm afraid. That's the problem. My bf is in New York and I'm in the UK and there are long, drawn out legal procedures that need to be done before he can come home permanently with his son.

They said there was no point in doing an fsh test, although every month I use fsh testing ticks and they come out as negative (which is good) I don't know what an AFC is. Certainly I am one of my bfs top priorities but he is going through a terribly stressful an nasty divorce right now and he also has to put hsi son first. He's trying to move everything along as quickly as he can but he bitach of an ex is making it very difficult.

I'm due to see a genetic counsellor on the NHS as I have a genetic disease and if it turns out I have the worst type pregnancy could be dangerous so I'm waiting to see hat consultant first before I do anything else. I'll then probably go back to the clinic and have a consultation and scan.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed with all this right now PLUS have complex PTSD!

Andcake Wed 12-Nov-14 22:03:25

Can you move to the usa? Ask about afc at the hospital. Good luck with the genetic testing. Also if having a kid is a priority is waiting for bf smart. Understandably his main priority is his son...what is your no.1 priority for you?

mummyonabroomstick Wed 12-Nov-14 22:20:31

There's no pint in me moving to the USA if he wants to move I have Complex, severe PTSD. Couldn't deal with the stress of it. I'll email the clinic and ask about afc. My number 1 priority is my family to be: my bf and my 'soul son' (his son.) He is like a son to me and the feeling is mutual as he hardy ever sees his biological mum and gets very distressed when he does. I do desperately want a child of my own (to carry and give birth to I mean) but they are still number 1 at the moment. He wants to have another baby with me too, he's just as keen and if I can't have a baby with my bf I don't want one with anyone else He is The One, the love of my life.

Andcake Thu 13-Nov-14 16:57:52

Sort your ptsd out and prepare for ttc when you can. But don't underestimate the stress of ttc and failing. I have had some very difficult periods in my life but ttc and failing for many years and worrying i would never be able to have a child was one of the most difficult (and my other issues have not been small - I have had cbt for PTSD etc) it is very upsetting now that I will never have another but I have to count my blessings.

The stress of infertility is apparently only second to the effect of cancer on mental health so get yourself straight. TBH looking back I wish I hadn't always waited for the one as I may have been able to have more children but no one at the time would have been able to tell me that!
Also after messy divorce and other such in life i am not a great believer in the one although my current partner (father to DS) is wonderful and I love him completely - but i thought exh was the one and that ended in abuse so the one in my view doesn't exist. I knew I always wanted children and should have put that first.
Good luck - just be happy with your decision now and in the future.

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Thu 13-Nov-14 17:17:00

Wise words *cake*!!

shroomboom Thu 13-Nov-14 17:51:22

I agree with cake, it's definitely worth getting your Antral Follicle Count done as it gives a much better indication of your fertility than the AMH level. I had a level of 0.2, and even though we did have to resort to IVF (for other factors really) we managed to have a healthy baby. I was told that with my level of AMH that I would produce barely any eggs each IVF cycle - it was complete rubbish as with the exception of one cycle I had 6-9 eggs each time.
It sounds like you have lots going on in your life - I wish you luck and hope that the genetic disease is one that can be helped with IVF for example and that you can go on to have a baby.

mummyonabroomstick Thu 13-Nov-14 18:58:54

OK I'll be honest with you guys, although appreciate your taking the time to post on this thread I am being judged. I posted on the conception thread to talk about conception and the results of my AMH test not whether or not I should be with the man I love or not or having someone trying to get one up on me in the stress stakes. That's just plain sick. First off: infertility and cancer as horrible as they are are bot the highest stresses there are. That's rubbish, I don't know who told you ha but they're missing thier marbles. What I've been through and I'm not going into it now is THE WORST experience a human being can EVER ENDURE so not being able to conceive of getting cancer would be nothing in comparison. This has gone way off topic what's been said is out of line and upsetting when I initially asked you all to be gentle with me in my first post, as a result I'll have to put my emotional and mental health and safety and not come back on. It's a shame this had to happen,I was looking forward to making new friends, but apparently some of you need to stop being so bitter and take an education in life. It can be and cruel and ugly but it can also be beautiful. That includes finding love the transcends time and space. I wish the best for you all. I hope you learn something from this as I hate to think bad thing don't at east produce one good thing to come from it. Thank you shroom fro your advice I'll look into it.

NanooCov Thu 13-Nov-14 19:13:49

broomstick, I have to say your reaction to some well meaning advice from cake is very bizarre and your attack about bitterness and needing an education in life is really nasty. I think you owe her an apology.

As for "one-upmanship" in the hardship stakes, well done on concluding your personal circumstance are "THE WORST" ever hmm

I don't know if you'll be back given the tone and content of your last post but if that's how you treat supportive and helpful posts, it's probably best you take a step back.

lucieloos Thu 13-Nov-14 19:41:28

Wow broomstick I think your post was way over the top! People are only trying to help. Trying to conceive and not succeeding IS very stressful regardless of other stressful situations you have been in. I also think you owe the previous poster an apology. Totally uncalled for.

Andcake Thu 13-Nov-14 21:13:04

Ok the stats I have on the mental health issues and cancer and infertility are from my professional role as a researcher.

Obviously individual circumstances are different. I was in no way being one upmanship about stress all I can offer is the personal opinion on trying to conceive with low amh and other stresses I have been through. I only mentioned my stresses in empathy to try and say that time and experience has put other things in perspective but at the time I didn't realise that. Also people react differently to different stress triggers. I won't know til my dying day what the worst thing to have happened to me is. Please look at the infertility board as well as conception to understand the stress. Knowledge is a precious thing and I just want you to make an informed decision.

My years trying to conceive were very very sad and I post when I see posts around my diagnosis to try and help and give back as I was so lucky to get ds and escape it. But not everyone is...
My point is it took 3 years from low amh diagnosis to conceive and at 42 I am in peri menopause. My son is my biggest joy.

Thank you for the posters who have been supportive. Really appreciate it.

Op thinking again about your situation is freezing embryos an option so you use your current eggs but use them when bf moves to the uk. Also the good relationship you have with bf son is great and if you are unable to have a genetic child hopefully puts you in a good mental place for considering donor eggs or adoption if things don't work out in a few years.

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 13-Nov-14 22:18:51

andcake. Big up to you. You could have written a very different post in response to that attack. Well refrained!
It was uncalled for OP to react that way. Many issues no doubt. Hope you not upset by it.

alien11 Fri 14-Nov-14 08:47:37

Hi I had an AMH test done when I was 28 and it was 20.09 which is just in the low fertility category, it took 8 months to conceive my DD who is now 3. We have been ttc no.2 for 6 months with no joy and I am now 32. I know my fertility declines as I get older but have no idea what my AMH level now is. I'm too afraid to get tested in case it's very low! Just relaxing and seeing if we will be blessed with no.2. I wouldn't delay anything as you never know if you can have children and no idea how long it would take. My best friend started trying at 26 and 7 years later has still not been successful.

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