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How long should it take (roughly) to get a BFN after medical management on a MC??

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Amyyy27 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:10:52


I will start with my story...

On Monday, 27th October this year I had an early scan (10 weeks) after having a little bit of dark brown discharge .. no biggie I thought as I had the same at 6 weeks and a scan showed a healthy baby. I went to the GPs on Monday morning and he told me everything seemed fine and not to worry especially as it had happened before but a scan was routine. The scan showed the baby had actually died very shortly after the first scan. You can imagine the heartache. On Tuesday, 28th October I went back to the hospital for the first pill and was booked in to go back for the rest of the tablets for a full day on Thursday, 30th October (I think I was told on the Tuesday I needed to test in 2 weeks time for a BFN, but my head was mush so I can't be sure of that). I started to bleed like a period on the Wednesday. I went in on the Thursday and after 12 hours was told everything seemed to have passed and was sent home without any advice at all. On Friday night I passed another very large clot and since then have only passed small clots and all bleeding stopped last Friday, 7th November.

So since then I have taken a few hundred tests which got fainter but seemed to have stopped getting fainter and remained a light pink line. Last Saturday I took a cheapy test which showed a BFN although didn't want to get my hopes up so waited until this morning to take a first response. I was heartbroken to find a very clear light pink line glaring at me.

Sorry for the essay anyway, my question is should I be contacting the hospital yet, or is it too early??

We really want to start TTC but I know I shouldn't when I am still testing positive in case a new pregnancy does start (or that's what I was told at Hospital on the Tuesday)...

Could you please tell me of your experiences or any advice at all as I am a total wreck at the thought I haven't passed everything sad

Marchgirl Tue 11-Nov-14 18:34:05

Hi amy. I found out i was miscarrying for a third time on 10th October and took the tablet the same day as I'd had no bleeding so knew it was unlikely to resolve quickly on its own. Tablets didn't work that weekend (bled but didn't pass tissue) so was due to go back for a 2nd dose but the day before, I miscarried naturally. Thought that was the end of it, but 2 weeks later (after the bleeding almost stopped) I started passing large clots of blood (sorry if tmi!). This went on for 6 days so they brought me back in for another scan and hcg test. Scan was normal but hcg was still at 100, 3 weeks after mc. I was told I had some retained pregnancy tissue and that there was nothing they could do, that it would pass naturally. I eventually got a bfn earlier this week (now 4 weeks post mc).
So I Would say try not to worry, test again in a week or so, don't do it too often as it'll drive you mad and hcg is slower to fall than to rise I think.
Main thing to look out for is anything coming out that smells or looks infected, particularly if you get a fever type thing with it. If that happens, contact your ecu straight away. Otherwise, I'd give it until about 6 weeks if you can cope,but I know that's easier said than done, so if it's stressing you out, you could call them for advice.
I bled for 8 weeks with mmc no 1, and now suspect that was the same thing. Unfortunately I think everything from a few days to a few months seems to be within normal limits for this. Not that this helps at all!
Sorry for the essay and hope it resolves itself soon confused

Amyyy27 Tue 11-Nov-14 22:45:45

Oh my gosh March you poor thing! What a horrible horrible time that must have been for you I hope you're recovering! Thank you for sharing that's made me feel a lot better. I think I must have passed everything... I saw it all and I don't believe there could possibly be anymore! Although I'm terrified in case i am wrong about that. I just want to be left alone to grieve without being poked and prodded so to speak. I'm going to test at the weekend and if still BFP I will have to ring the EPAU or my mind won't rest.

Thanks again hope you're ok x

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