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Ovulation test results after ovulation?

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Purplelilly Sat 08-Nov-14 21:18:38

I had a positive opk on 2nd Nov and the next day it had faded to be negative. I had stabbing pains in my ovary area on 4th Nov (the day I expected to ovulate) and so assume I ovulated.

Yesterday and today I have had some CM which I rarely get much of at all, so I did another opk today. Whilst the opk is not positive, it is about as dark as it usually is the day after getting a positive.

I'm confused as I was sure I felt the same pains I get on ovulation day each month.

Is it normal to get this result 4dpo? Or would this mean I didn't ovulate when I thought I did? If not I suppose I get another shot this month.

I'd really appreciate some advice, thanks smile

Purplelilly Sat 08-Nov-14 21:20:30

The test line looked darker than in the photo :/

Purplelilly Sun 09-Nov-14 14:58:34

I think my insomnia/anxiety perhaps caused me to not ovulate and then I ov'ed later. If that is the case I've missed it this month sad

I guess I'll have to try temping though I doubt it will be accurate with my sleeping problems :/

Anyone with similar issues found a way to make temping work for them?

BobsyBoo Sun 09-Nov-14 20:18:29

I temp & I'm always waking up at different times so its not always accurate but I do still get a temperature spike which confirms I ov'd. I use Fertilty Friend App & record all my signs on there.

Also isn't CM supposed to dry up quickly after ov, which would indicate you might not have ov'd yet but I'm no expert. I get a good few days of EWCM before I ovulate which is a good indicator of my fertile time & when I have ovulated.

allchatnicknamesgone Mon 10-Nov-14 12:41:27

Hi. I doubt anxiety would delay your ovulation unless you are very very anxious and stressed. I'm not sure when you dtd but as you probably know they can hang around for days, so you could still have sperm there from your efforts earlier this week.

Temping can only confirm ovulation (about 3 days after if you are using an app like fertility friend). I think it is useful to confirm ovulation. I did it one month. Ovulation was confirmed and it coincided with all my other ovulation signs that I rely on, so I decided to stop. For me it was an added thing to get hung up on. I decided not to use the ovulation sticks or record temp. i sort of know, so I just go with it and try and dtd every other day on the build up and maybe every day when I feel a few pains.

Good luck

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