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Body conspiring against me - should I see a doctor?

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newbian Sat 08-Nov-14 09:42:32

Hi ladies,

DH and I have been TTC since July (30 years old, TTC 1). I came off BC in February and had normal cycles 28-31 days until July. July cycle which ended in August was 37 days with a very heavy period at the end and a lot of symptoms. Then no period until October. I have a friend who is an ob/gyn who was kind enough to offer me a free ultrasound at her clinic, which found that I'd ovulated recently (end of September) and that everything looked normal. I've also had blood tests at my GP and haven't turned up anything unusual - although I've had my thyroid removed and take thyroxine, but my levels are also normal.

So October was the first cycle we could actually focus on trying again. I didn't want to stress myself out so didn't temp or OPK for the first half of the month. Had tons of CM and mittelschmerz around days 13-15 of my cycle so believe I ovulated then. During the two week wait I got anxious so decided to OPK and temp just to be sure. Never got a positive OPK - fine as was after when I think I ovulated - and temps had a dip CD 27-28 and then have been rising steadily since then (now on CD 36). Took two HPT last weekend and one today, all negative.

I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me and want to make an appointment with a fertility clinic to do a full screen on me and probably DH as well. Am I overreacting given the short period we have been TTC? It seems I'm either not actually ovulating or having chemical pregnancies, either is a big concern for me. I've had only 2 periods from July to November, this is very strange for me and I've been on and off BC in the past and never had these types of problems.

Theorientcalf Sat 08-Nov-14 10:02:27

When you say your thyroid levels are normal, do you just mean within range? In pregnancy it's good to have a low TSH, below 2 ideally. I'm hypothyroid and was told it would be more difficult to conceive with a higher TSH, mine was about 6 when I was diagnosed. Think T4 should be at the higher end too. Thyroxine should generally be increased in pregnancy too to compensate. Do you see an endocrinologist still? Some specialise in fertility.

newbian Sat 08-Nov-14 10:10:42

Thanks Theorientcalf, I have an appointment with my endo in December and will raise all of this with her, but when I saw her in June I explained I was going to start TTC and she said it wouldn't be a problem based on my levels at that time, but did mention that I would probably have to increase upon confirmation of pregnancy. My thyroid was removed due to a malignancy so TSH suppression is the primary goal of my treatment.

Maybe I need to find a fertility endocrinologist because so far all doctors (GP, endo, ob/gyn) think I look fine to conceive. And yet I'm having no periods sad

Theorientcalf Sat 08-Nov-14 10:24:44

Where do you live? Do you know what your results actually are? I always get a print out.

If it helps I have a 12 week old after having one mc and being hypothyroid and having a prolactinoma. My thyroid meds were increased as soon as I got pregnant again. We got there eventually!

newbian Sat 08-Nov-14 11:25:36

I live in London so should be some specialists in the city somewhere!

I can't remember what my levels were but I think I will go to the GP again this coming week and get my bloods taken again.

naty1 Mon 10-Nov-14 12:57:02

Well it sounds likely your tsh is being kept low.
But i agree you need to know what level its at.
Ivf clinic wanted under 2.5 for ivf (but then it rises during ivf)
I have straight away increased levo at 14dpo on bfp and await tsh results.
Tsh generally rises in winter (though not sure about your situation, so what was fine in july may mot be in nov.
Could it be worth getting progesterone levels checked?
How long is your lp?

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