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New but old but new to this TTC lark!

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keeweewoopoo Thu 06-Nov-14 11:14:49

Hey, well i'm TTC, that's a given.
Month 3, BFN, early days everyone keeps saying.
This isn't my first attempt, I have a 12 year old DS and 7 year old DD. I am 34 years old and have PCOS (don't we all eh?!)
Been to the docs who is quite sympathetic, she has already let me have two rounds of bloods, first lot says progesterone was just 3 (i know, shocking) on day 21, but prolactin was high (650) and LH was high? random.
Next lot of bloods results are tomorrow.
It took me 18 months and 2 MC's & 1 Chem preg before I had DS, then FOUR years before falling with DD. I had eclampsia (with seizures) in my with DS, and pre-eclampsia (although went full term) with DD. I know I am taking risks, but my doc seems to think we can manage safely this time. I have a new partner from before, who does not have children. I am not eligible for IVF as I already have children (fair enough) although my doctor is umming and erring over Chlomid pending the Prolactin results this month.
I'm CD 27 today, had an Ebay cheapy BFN this morning. Actually, I had 4 ebay cheapy BFN because I am obsessed haha.

First month cycle was 60 days, second 42, last month 28 (probably my shortest ever). I was on cerazette for 7 years, so I guess that's never gonna help. Someone tell me this is going to happen for me, the thought of waiting 4+ years again is just too much !

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