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This might sound daft...

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abi2790 Wed 05-Nov-14 20:06:14

But is it possible to get pregnant without having a period? my last depo injection ran out at the beginning of September and I've not had a period. I had some cramping a few weeks afterwards then nothing. today I've been feeling really sick (but no vomiting like when I was pregnant with ds), I've been sooo tired and I've had a thick white discharge. I've been stressing out and getting upset after having no period for so long (ds is 23 months) and I don't want to get disappointed that's why I haven't took a test. I feel like I'm being stupid and of course I can't be pregnant! advice please ladies!

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 05-Nov-14 20:29:48

The longer you leave it abi the worse the disappointment will be if it's a Bfn. Bite the bullet, do the test, if neg, go see doc and get your cycle sorted. It's always better to know smile

SophieBarringtonWard Wed 05-Nov-14 20:46:29

Yes of course it's possible to get pregnant without having a period - periods happen around 14 days after ovulation if the egg isn't fertilised. So if you ovulated after coming off depo & that egg got fertilised, you wouldn't have a period. (The same is true for cycles returning after childbirth/breastfeeding...)

abi2790 Wed 05-Nov-14 21:01:31

okay thanks guys. I'll do a test tomorrow!

Shorty2014 Wed 05-Nov-14 21:05:09

A little different to you but I have irregular periods since coming off the implant .. I'm roughly every 4 months .. My last period was beginning of February and in September I found out I was pregnant but had conceived in the June .. So could possibly get pregnant yes smile unfortunately in my case I miscarried 3 weeks ago now at 16 + 5.

Hope you get the results you wanted xxx

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