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Help need some advice please

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Missmamabear Wed 05-Nov-14 19:14:51

Hi Im new to mumsnet and was wondering if someone could give me some advice.. I had my implant out 2 weeks ago as me and my partner are ttc baby number 2.. The last time I had it out to conceive my first I started bleeding that day and got pregnant very quickly.. When I had it out 2 weeks ago the last said to expect a bleed in the next 24 hours, well 2 weeks later I still haven't bled at all can anyone help please I don't no if I could be pregnant or of there's something wrong.... TIA xx

dorasee Wed 05-Nov-14 19:18:11

POAS! Just buy a test.
None of us can post a pink line for you. wink I have conceived in the past without a bleed. It is possible.

Missmamabear Wed 05-Nov-14 19:24:41

I've done 4 tests already and all saying negative, we also did ov tests an they came back negative too, I never had periods in the implant, so I don't no when I'm due on or what it's so confusing lol

Missmamabear Wed 05-Nov-14 19:25:49

And what's POAS mean I'm new to this lol

dorasee Wed 05-Nov-14 21:24:05

POAS. Pee On A Stick. OK so what I did was I bought clear blue's digital ovulation kit. This really helps more when your cycle is more regular but you could use it now just to track your ovulation for the next month.

dorasee Wed 05-Nov-14 21:25:22

Also have a chat with your GP just for reassurance. Good luck! It will happen!

Missmamabear Wed 05-Nov-14 21:50:15

Thank you ��

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