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TTC and timings in cycle of hysterosonogram (HSN) and endometrial biopsy

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misssmilla1 Tue 04-Nov-14 17:53:36

So, after lurking for a while, this is my first post as I'm driving myself crazy with trying to get information and this place has been a goldmine of info.

We've been TTC for 18 months with no luck; initial tests (my initial blood work, HSG, semen analysis etc) came back fine but after another 9 months of trying and acupuncture sessions still no luck.

We're based in the US (tho I'm from the UK) so lucky in that we can easily get a referral to a fertility clinic (not so lucky on the cost tho..) who's approach is test for absolutely everything and work backwards from there. We've started out with them and I've had even more blood work done for everything under the sun, and am due this week for a hysterosonogram (HSN) and next week for an endometrial biopsy.

However, on reading up on these, I can't help thinking the clinic have the dates wrong (because clearly I and Dr Internet know better...) and was hoping anyone who has had similar may be able to shed some light. My HSN is this Friday which is day 14 of my cycle and the biopsy is day 21.

Reading up this seems really late for the HSN as it should usually be done by day 10 around the time after your period stops. I'm concerned about this being scheduled bang on my ovulation day (its pretty textbook normally) and the biopsy generally as both say they shouldn't be done if you could be pregnant; clearly we're not atm but we're trying again this cycle and when i asked the nurse if this was ok and whether either of the procedures would interrupt it she said no and we should keep having intercourse as normal

I don't quite believe that injecting you with saline, doing an internal ultrasound and doing a biopsy wouldn't interrupt any potential implanting.

Any info or ideas? Am starting to think we try as usual and understand that this cycle might be a wash out as a result of all this.

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