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First P after MC?

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Shorty2014 Tue 04-Nov-14 07:32:26

Hi, i just wanted a few opinions as I'm unsure and still a bit of a newbie!

Me and my partner had been trying for 3 and half years. I finally fell pregnant in June although didn't find out until September. Unfortunately I mc in October on the 13th and my gorgeous little boy coming into the world on the 14th. I went under GA a few hours later to clear my womb for anything left. I bled since this happening until Thursday just gone. Since I haven't had anything but today I woke up with blood when wiping (sorry tmi) could this be my period? I was very irregular before hand so I'm very confused and not sure if it would come so soon? Is so, is it okay to go back to using tampons or is pads recommeneded to use for the first period? Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks smile x

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Tue 04-Nov-14 11:59:35

Hi shorty

I dont know much about mc i'm sorry and am very sorry to hear about yours but I didnt want to read and run. I also have VERY irregular cycles, I am lucky to have 5 a year and am currently on CD41 sad

I have never miscarried, but on September 23rd I had quite a stressful time in that area having a stubborn coil removed with forceps! I spotted for 2 days, and then had the longest heaviest period for almost 6 days - my usual period is 2-3 days. I believe that this is related to the commotion with my coil and triggered my period. I think tampons would be ok but best speak to your doc - maybe go to your local family planning for advice as would prob be sooner than your next doc appointment.

Have you tried any supplements that helped you get pg in the 1st place?

Shorty2014 Wed 05-Nov-14 13:49:42

Thank you for your replysmile

Sorry you had a hard time and going through that just to have the coil out. My period have been around every 4 months so very irregular too.

No I never took any supplements it just happened but I didn't find out until I was atleast 12 weeks - I probably had symptoms before but just ignored or not realised it was linked to pregnancy, I was waiting to have my appointment with the gynaecologist so had kind of given up hope that I would fall pregnant then a week before my appointment I found out I was as I was sick out of the blue twice so thought I'd do a test to check and was positive. I was over the moon and couldn't quite believe it if I'm honest. But then it was all taken away from me so soon which is so devastating ��

I'm unsure what the blood was yesterday as I have had nothing since .. So just have to wait and see I suppose.

Are you ttc?


Bellabutterfly2014 Wed 05-Nov-14 22:30:58

Hey Shorty, I am so sorry to hear your news. I had a miscarriage myself just recently, went for scan and got bad news so went in for my op 2 days later and afterwards, I seemed to experience what I can only describe as a period from hell lasting about 2 weeks.

The hospital said under no circumstances to use tampons for fear of infection for a month to allow for the next cycle to occur etc

My operation will be 4 weeks this Friday and I still feel awful. Stomach cramping, feeling sick, really tired, crying all the time and struggling to sleep, it's really getting me down. Has anyone else felt like this or is it just me?

Both whilst trying and during I took pregnacare (other supplements are available - I opted for these as recommended by a friend) and I don't smoke or drink.

I really want to try again but I am scared and where is my period when I want it ?!?!?!?!

My partner already has kids and he is very supportive towards me but at the end of the day - he already has his family no matter what and so finding it all very hard - still off work too owing to crying 24/7.

Sending big hugs to everyone affected by this as it's horrendous but let's support each other through it and hope for Santa brings us pregnancy xxxxxx

Shorty2014 Thu 06-Nov-14 07:43:13

Oh Bella that sounds awful , I am so sorry for your loss �� it is so hard, I had to go back to work on Monday and im really struggling especially as I work in a nursery looking after children 1-2 years and during the day I have babies come into my room, I just end up breaking down in tears �� so it's totally normal what you are experiencing but everyone is so different and there certainly is no time scale of how long it takes just be kind to yourself.

I have my little boys funeral next Friday which is just going to be so heart breaking �� we also have the reverend coming round tonight to talk about what we would like at his funeral ��

How far along in your pregnancy were you ? I also had bleeding for 2 and half weeks afterwards but has now stopped and I thought I was having a period but turned out not to be, so unsure what it was to be honest.

If you need to pm me your more than welcome too. �� x

Bellabutterfly2014 Sat 08-Nov-14 19:14:20

Hi shorty, sorry for delay in replying had internet probs. I really feel for you working in that environment, it must be really hard but try to stay strong.

I was 10-11 weeks when I mc and same as you with the awful bleeding and now I am left sat here wondering why and when I'll get my next proper period - I really want to try again ASAP but very frightened that the same thing will happen again.

I hope your meeting with the Rev went as well as could be expected and that you take comfort from the service.

My partner already has 3 kids and 2 grand kids so although it's awful for him too he still has his kids and his granddaughter was born same wk as mc so that was hard but we are being strong and it's made me realise what a good man I've got here.


Shorty2014 Sun 09-Nov-14 08:41:53

Hi Bella, no worries ��

I must admit it is not the easiest job to go back to �� but somehow surviving the days with most my tears when getting them all to sleep and over my lunch time �� I'm just hoping it gets easier.

Oh that must of been so hard for you having a baby in the family whilst going through this. I find it so hard everyone announcing their pregnancies on Facebook or just having babies. I never had the chance to announce mine to many people �� mainly the people who I work with knew and only told my sisters after I had a scan and things were looking a little more positive from the first scan but told them that something wasn't 100% still.

Over this weekend has been so hard, my partner is bottling things up and tells me he doesn't want to talk about our baby because it makes him more upset. Which I totally understand but I just wish he'd talk to me - I have reassured him plenty of times that I am here to talk etc it's just hard I suppose.

The Rev cancelled on us on Thursday so he is now coming this afternoon - hopefully! I just want to get it out the way.

We was hoping to go and see our little boy for the last time tomorrow so I rang the hospital Friday to make sure he was still there and that we could see him. No one could give me answers all day so by the time I finished work it was late but I rang a lady who the hospital said could help me and she told me he wasn't in the hospital and was at the funeral directors already so we won't be able to see him until Tuesday/Wednesday - well I just broke down in tears as I have work Tuesday/Wednesday and booked Monday off specifically to see him. So it has made my whole weekend the worst �� I've just been non stop crying. The thought of not being able to see my baby for the last time is just killing me. �� I'm so upset.

Any signs of AF yet? - none my end but im not really expecting one to be honest, I was so irregular before.

Sorry for the long reply ��


Bellabutterfly2014 Sun 09-Nov-14 09:03:22

Hey shorty, sounds like work is a nightmare, maybe you should get signed off and have some you time for a couple if weeks??
I had 3 weeks off and I'm still in tears everyday but a bit better than I was.

I feel the same, everywhere I look there is babies it's very hard but I am trying to keep with me my mums advice to think that the baby wasn't going to be healthy and that it happend for a reason. The hospital tested the tissue and no obvious reasons genetically so that's giving us a bit of hope. I had told just my family who have been amazing but my partner - I think he feels bad for me with a new grandchild and me so sad but she is beautiful and we live get. My step-daughter has a mc last year too so knows how I feel and has been kind so that's good . Men do bottle things up I know mine does whereas if something upsets me everyone knows about it!!!! Your GP can refer you for grief counselling if you think that would help?

I am sorry the rev cancelled hopefully you will get things sorted and if it all gets too much take some time out my love and although it's a cliche time being a great healer, your angel will stay with you but the sad feelings everyday will get easier, this is my 3rd miscarriage. Had one at 17 Dudnt even realise was 6wks pregnant, so irresponsible , then when I was 21 had one at 18weeks which was awful now I am 34 (partner is 42) and another so although big gaps still leaving me wondering if this will happen.

No sign of auntie Flo and I keep peeing on ovulation and pregnancy rest strips in the hope but all negative, so no ideas about my cycle. It was hard to gauge my cycle anyway as I had my coil out, 30 days later af then the 2nd month I fell pregnant so no idea if 30 days is a true reflection or not.

We'll time to go to my weekend job now so will get ready but speak later if you like and if you wanna private msg me I'm here for you xx

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