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CD21 bloods on CD56

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NewLeafExpat Mon 03-Nov-14 13:19:42

So after putting my foot down the OBGYN finally agreed to do some tests rather than just "wait another 3 months"

I have previously had a trans-vag usg which showed "some small cysts, not bad" on my ovaries. (My uterine lining was also "low" at 3.8mm at that time) His solution for that on CD50 last cycle was to give me 21 days HRT! So fast forward what feels like forever months and months and today I'm CD56 after my induced bleed.

I live in Asia and pay for all my tests, finally they agreed to do some testing and today I had the following blood tests done:
T3 total
Tsh sensitive
Free T4

Today is CD56... Was it pointless having these tests now, anyone's guess when AF is due? Should they be done on CD21 when I have no idea about my cycle?? Will the results be of any use?

(( Going in again for CD2/3 tests when she does show. ))

Anyone else with long cycles had day 21's so late in cycle?

Thanks ladies ... bit of a novel of a post, sorry hmm

lildottie Mon 03-Nov-14 15:15:12

hi new. cd21 test isn't actually cd21. its the test to confirm ovulation (amongst other things like amh levels) so has to be done 7dsys before AF, or 7days after ovulation.

sounds like you are seeing a gp not a specialist? I'd be kicking up for a referral but not sure how easy that is or how it works over there.

cd2/3 will test FSH and LH. they should be roughly the same.

you haven't mentioned amh. I had that done with day21 test. it measures ovarian reserve.

I was also tested for immunity to rubella and they checked I'd been tested for chlamydia which I had already had done on one of the routine call ups they did here.

hope that helps

NewLeafExpat Mon 03-Nov-14 15:40:38

Hi lildottie, thanks for your reply..!!

I see in the form for CD2/3 tests that they have marked FSH/lh/ and Amh so hopefully thats ok to have next time...

I'm seeing an OBGYN not a GP, so whilst not exactly a fertility specialist he should have the best idea in that hospital!

I'm just not sure on the reliability of results from a test that should be done 7dpo on cd56 with probably no ov.

At least the cd2/3 will be done on the right day coz that's in my control! (Please no AF on my week to thailand next week!!)

lildottie Mon 03-Nov-14 16:14:22

amh can be done at any time so that's fine. I'd say try not to worry. if you haven't ovulated they will get an annovulatory result so should take you to next steps. you could ask for prog to be tested weekly until AF to see if you just ovulated way later or not at all?

NewLeafExpat Wed 05-Nov-14 06:42:06

I'm hoping the results are still valid and useful so. I can get clear answers... TTC is far more stress than I thought it would be!

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 05-Nov-14 06:56:03

I would be seeing another OBGYN now as some of them are far better than others. If you've already had to put your foot down as well previously its now time to get a second opinion and this time from a gynaecologist.

Do they think there are potential problems anyway with your thyroid gland (I saw the references to T3 and free T4).

If periods are irregular (and a condition called polycystic ovaries or its related syndrome PCOS are common causes) then blood tests can actually be done on calendar days so on the 2nd and 21st of each month. LH and FSH should be tested on day 2 with progesterone done later.

You need a diagnosis first and foremost.

NewLeafExpat Wed 05-Nov-14 11:05:03

Thank u for your reply Atilla.

I don't think they have any suspicions about thyroid problem but I'm glad they are testing all avenues, I have a host of other wacky symptoms I think are all due to hormonal imbalance so hopefully they can figure out what the problem is!!!

I see u say u can do Cd21 bloods on calendar day if u have erratic cycles (which I do!) so if these tests which were done on CD56 are inconclusive I will repeat them again next time on CD21.. Just looking forward to AF, my cd2/3 bloods and some answers...!!! And solutions in BFP form of course! Xx

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