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Feel daft for asking but here goes

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CluelessDil Sun 02-Nov-14 16:15:38

DH and I dtd a few days before my period was due. Period came as normal, now here comes the crazy.... Could I be pregnant even though I'm on my period?

I just have this feeling although it's not really possible is it? Feel pretty stupid for asking as surely a period is the surest way of knowing your not pregnant.

Any advice appreciated even if it's to tell me to get a grip

Coffeeaddictforever Sun 02-Nov-14 17:21:17

I thought the exact same as you. I poas 6 days ago and got a faint bfp. Then my period came (3 days early). I did lots of research via mr internet and there are lots of women who continue to have periods when pregnant. Often it can be implantation bleeding, chemical pregnancy or most of the time just a period. My period finished yesterday so I tested today bfn. I think what I could see was an evap. You could get some cheap hpt from homebargins (89p for 3) and test and be done with it. Good luck

CluelessDil Sun 02-Nov-14 18:11:26

Thanks so much for replying coffee, google has been driving me crazy.

Feel like I can't ask/talk about this in rl apart from DH but bless him he's not exactly my go to when questioning periods/conception.

I've got some internet cheapies so I'll do a test when my period ends. Thanks for not making me feel foolish for asking thanks

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