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Desperate for help and some advice

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CeNedra Sat 01-Nov-14 11:47:59

We have been ttc for a while. After missing a period in Jul, I found out my FSH to be v high. It then started dropping and came to @14 - which is still high.
GP referred us to fertility clinic and I have been going through tests after test every month. Tubal test came clear. However my FSH levels are fluctuating a lot. The last one done read 43 and one before was 16(Sep) previous to this it was 14 & 15(Aug) and 32 (Jul)
Strangely enough my progesterone level for the last one were really good - indicating ovulation.

Gynaec cant explain and is not answering any questions either. All he is saying is DE or adoption.

Deep down my heart and brain are refusing to accept this.

I searched a lot on net and looks like there are quite a few women with similar condition but managed to conceive.
It looks like Chinese herbs and acupuncture helps in brining FSH down.

Please can someone help me with:

1. Recommendation on Chinese experts for herbs and acupuncture
2. Private gynaec: we plan to go private. Can't trust NHS more now.
3. Any medicines to help lower FSH: I know @ royal jelly, DHEA
4. Similar experience and any tips

Please please let me know. I am trying to stay positive but its a bit difficult atm.

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