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Ovarian Cysts and Cycle Madness - anyone been here?

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anyothergirl Sat 01-Nov-14 00:31:04

Has anyone here had to deal with ovarian cysts while TTC?

I have had a few late periods in the past 6 months, and then no AF for 2 months. Towards the end of those two months I had aching pains in my lower abdomen and a pulling pain, very like period pains but with increasingly severe sharp bursts of pain now and again. I ended up having a scan which showed a cyst on each ovary (both around 2.5-3 cm across). I was told these were normal cysts that occur all the time and should burst at ovulation but that these just hadn't so I was "stuck in the first half of the cycle" (direct quote from the gynaecologist). A few days after the scan the pain was unbearable and then I started to bleed. I had a heavy bleed which lasted for 5 days and i now feel fine.

However, I have no idea where I might be in my cycle or if these cysts will affect my ability to conceive. We are planning to start trying soon. Any advice or similar experiences?


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