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POAS - What is your Stick of Choice-both OV and PG ?

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tootssw17 Thu 30-Oct-14 16:18:43

Just wondering what Sticks (and cups why we are at it) do the ladies on here prefer?
Do you have a preference depending on what cd you are? Why do you favour a particular one?

I am currently using (internet cheapy) IC OPK Extra wide pack of 30 from Amzon first thing and when i can in the afternoon - hard to pee on without a cup and hard to get a plastic cup into the ladies at work unnoticed (do any of you try?!!).
I did splash out on a Clear Blue Dual Hormone OPK (Boots, 10 pack) using FMU. Only at the flashing smiley (High not Peak fertile phase) and am on CD 15. I only bought this as my OPK IC were not responding ( ok i was not OV'ing but needed to do something, anything to feel more in control)

I have only used a IC PG test ( a 5 pack... not a mini stick but in a plastic case and everything!) but knew i wasn't pregnant was just practicing.. this was before i even knew about OV stick peeing opportunities to practice! But now am approaching my 2 WW ( i hope) and do not want to waste more cash on sticks that are not the preferred ones to use.



TerrysNo2 Thu 30-Oct-14 23:27:40

toots I use IC OPKs and now I don't bother trying to use a cup, I just use the empty OPK packet. Yes I do sometimes pee on my hand but then I just wash it! It's way easier than trying to have a pot to hand wherever I need to do an OPK (and I've done them at home, work, airports, clients offices, coffee shops....!)

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