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Anyone else waiting to ttc?

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Tamzin125 Thu 30-Oct-14 13:46:03

Hi all,

New to this particular board but just thought I'd see if anyone else is around who's waiting. DP and I have been together almost 3 and a half years now. He has a little boy who's 4 who we see every other weekend and at least half the school holidays. We'd love to start ttc but we're getting married end of next year so want to wait until then. We've sort of agreed to just not use BC when on our honeymoon and go from there. Currently just using condoms so no worries about hormonal contraception. It's helped slightly knowing we've sort of put a date on it, but almost 14 months seems like such a long time! I don't want to be wishing my life away until then but I can't stop thinking about babies and how broody I am. Anyone else in the same boat? What are things you've done to distract yourself / help prepare you for ttc? Feel like I need to do something proactive so I at least feel like I'm doing something to get us closer, if that makes sense.

elinorjane Thu 30-Oct-14 21:26:52

Me! We recently got married but we are waiting for a couple of things: to do our house up a bit and for me to qualify for enhanced maternity pay at work. I need three years service first.

emsie85 Thu 30-Oct-14 22:23:25

hi, I'm feeling the same too.

I've been with DP for 8 years now but we're not getting married until mid next year and I can't wait to ttc. I can't stop thinking about pregnancy and babies! The broodiness was gradual at first, now its all I think about and I also find myself wishing my life away so we can start!

I do find planning the wedding helps smile

Tamzin125 Fri 31-Oct-14 12:04:17

Glad I'm not the only one waiting around here.

elinor do you know how long you need to wait for? Have you been in your job a while or just started? I'm so glad in my job I'm already eligible for maternity pay so that won't be an issue after the wedding.

Wow emsie that's a long time! It's horrible isn't is virtually wishing life away. I wish I could do more wedding planning but think we've done as much as we can for now :/

elinorjane Fri 31-Oct-14 20:06:08

I need to be there for 3 years before I have a baby. It means I'll be eligible for about three months' at full pay (plus the rest - I just can't remember the details!) and a return to work bonus too. I've been there for coming up to 18 months. It'll be around this time next year before a baby is really an option. I'm still on the pill as the difference between getting pregnant now and waiting until next year in financial terms is phenomenal. I'd just get the statutory minimum now.

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