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Another coming off pill question

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N1kkiL Wed 29-Oct-14 02:05:47

Hi all,

It's 2am & yet again I'm confined to the sofa feeling very poorly.

It's the third time since taking my last pill on August 28th that I've been floored with a cold/viral infection. I only used to get 1 cold a year before this

Has anyone found that your body adjusting makes you feel particularly s****y, more so than the usual symptoms?

Ps. I'm not pregnant yet.

wanttobeamummyin2015 Wed 29-Oct-14 07:39:46

I've had terrible headaches on/off for last 6weeks I been of the pill and can't attribute it to anything else. Also feeling generally under the weather more than usual, think it jut our bodies adjusting to changes in hormones but it sucks!

N1kkiL Wed 29-Oct-14 13:30:55

Wanttobe... You're not wrong there. Fingers crossed it sorts itself for both of us!

BabyBump2B Thu 30-Oct-14 09:48:03

How long had you been on the pill? I'd been on the pill for 17 years when I went off and it took me over a year before my body evened out (and 13 months to get pg!) I was really surprised by how differently I felt off the pill too! x

N1kkiL Sat 01-Nov-14 09:51:37

I think I've been on for about 13 years, I went on to them because of my acne when I was about 13.

I'm quite frustrated my doctor didn't tell me about this 'levelling out' phase, I told her at my last pill check up in April that we'd be trying at the end of the year. Positive sides though; longer it takes = more money saved smile

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