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Appointment with gynacologist

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enocar Mon 27-Oct-14 11:48:56

Had a letter through the post today, thinking it might have been about referral for ivi (this is what my fertility dr said the last time I saw her, that I was on the waiting list) so its asking me to call and arrange an appointment, with a different dr who speciality is Gynacology. I had blood tests done to see if i ovulated, after my last appointment with the fertility dr, no idea on results as that was after my last appointment with her, but she said it would save time with the next stage. Im hoping someone can shed some light on what will happen with this appointment, as I was under the impression I had been put on the waiting list for ivi, and from what ive read online the gyno does what tests ive already had!

enocar Mon 17-Nov-14 12:43:06

Anyone been referred from a fertility dr to a gyno? I can only find posts from people who have been to a gyno first :/ Can anyone help sad

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