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Pregoween is getting nearer, come on bfp's clearer and clearer!

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Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:36:57

Cheesy title I know.
All aboard for the final stretch! smile

Pikz Mon 20-Oct-14 20:39:45

Just stalking the final stretch cheering you all on!

wanttobeamummyin2015 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:39:58

Love the rhyming! Hopping on to stalk you all wink don't want to stay on the pregvember bus completely

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:40:41

Aww ladies I love our little family smile

Joey0805 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:44:07

I may or may not have just bought some online FRER from Superdrug (still on bogof). I only got 2x packs though, was going to get 4 but then thought that is too defeatist...

I did buy the 20 pack of boots OPKs though at the weekend, DH is a little shocked at the cost of all of this stuff!

spinningirl10 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:45:17

Hi grin thanks for the new thread Treacle, let's hope it's a lucky one for us all......I'm wheeling Genni in, she won't get out of the lucky office chairwink

Jcandy Mon 20-Oct-14 20:45:33

So this is the thread I will actually test on for this month then completely ignoring the test I did earlier
I'm planning to test on Friday though not due AF till Sunday but going away for the weekend and need to know if I can drink or not......

teeniedeenie34 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:45:53

Love the title Treacle, really hope this thread will be lucky for those of us left to test! smile

Jcandy Mon 20-Oct-14 20:46:08

Oh and thanks for the new thread treacle!

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:46:25

Hehe, share the chair genni! :p


Any News?...
laurano81, 32, TTC#2, cycle 11, BFP due 7th October
Curlyjay, 44, TTC #1, cycle 4, BFP due 7th October
Shortlashes, TTC#?, cycle?, bfp due 7th October
Cuppasarah, ttc #2, cycle 1, BFP due 11th October
Foxtroy7459, ttc #1, cycle 6, bfp due 12th October
Dreamingoutloud, 27, ttc#1, cycle 1, bfp due 15th October
Frogbubbles, 32, ttc2, cycle 5, BFP due 16th October
Frolicacid, 34, ttc#1, cycle #2, BFP due 18th October
Peggysue82, 31, TTC #3, cycle 3, BFP due 19/20th October

No news yet..
Isabeau1980, 34, TTC#1, Cycle 3, Bfp due 20th October
Wildfire, 33, TTC#1, cycle1 after MC. BFP due 20th October
teeniedeenie34, 34, ttc#1, cycle#3, BFP due 21st October
Blueskygirl30, Age30, TTC#1, cycle 5, BFP due 21st October
angelaham, 34, cycle 4 , ttc 1 BFP due 21-25th October
Boosk, TTC#1, cycle 2, bfp due 22nd October
Stqueen, TTC#?, cycle ?, bfp due 22nd October
Treaclepie19, 24, ttc #1, cycle 9 ( mc cycle 4 ), BFP due 22nd October
Katybear123, 32, ttc#1, cycle 5, bfp due 24-30th October
Terrysno2, TTC #3, BFP due 25th October
gennibugs, ttc#1, cycle 11, bfp due 25th October
spinningirl10, ttc#3, cycle 16, Bfp due 25th October
Jcandy, 30, TTC#1, cycle 2, bfp due 26th October
Furtivefeline, 33, ttc#2, cycle 5, BFP due around 26th October
Joey0805, 32, TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 26th October
Lucieloos, 35, TTC#1, cycle 8, bfp due 30th October
EnglishGirlsReturned,TTC #1,Cycle 13/14(2mcs), BFP due 30th October
Dozygirl, Ttc#1, cycle 4, BFP due 30th/31st October
TheGrandHighWitch, 29, TTC#3, Cycle 7, BFP due 30/31st October
Mzzzf, 33, TTC#1, cycle 4, bfp due 31st October
Illiria, 31, ttc #1, cycle 7, bfp due 31st(ish) October

FlowerbombVR, 36, ttc #4, cycle 1, bfp?
Roughtyping, TTC #2, cycle 4 (I think), BFP ???

AF arrived..

gemsparkle84 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:48:02

Jcandy... I'm hoping I had some implantation bleeding earlier today but then again it could have been the start of my period. Had a bad day so I'm enjoying a glass of champagne (yes a bit of a contradiction)... But it's my wedding champagne and it could be the last I enjoy for a while!!! Xxx

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:50:13

Enjoy your champagne gem!
I'm sober for october. It's getting old fast.

gemsparkle84 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:50:19

Oh my word! I'm sorry girls I feel like a gate crasher with all them stats above!!!

gemsparkle84 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:50:45

Ha treacle �� bad times...

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 20:52:02

Course your not! We can add you to the next updated list smile what are your stats?

Jcandy Mon 20-Oct-14 20:52:42

Wedding champagne is definitely allowed gem smile I just know at the weekend it probably won't be just one glass......

furtivefeline Mon 20-Oct-14 20:55:40

katybear in reply to your q on the last thread, I think high impact sport is fine if you're used to it. When I conceived DD I was really active while TTC including the TWW - loads of running, dance classes etc and had no problems at all am more of a lazybones now so don't have to worry about overexercising

One thing I have heard is that when pg you're not supposed to let your core body temperature rise too much as can affect the developing embryo/fetus - but I think that's mainly by wearing correct gear and staying hydrated as well as not overdoing it. I did find that once pregnant I naturally felt like taking it a bit easier anyway but it wouldn't have entered my head to do so during the TWW.

SunbathingCat Mon 20-Oct-14 21:04:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tranquilitybaby Mon 20-Oct-14 21:04:22

Good luck good luck girls, hurry up and join the June or July threads x

EnglishGirlsReturned Mon 20-Oct-14 21:05:38

Jumping on board! Thanks for the new thread Treacle!! This is going to be the lucky bus for lots of us, I can feel it in my waters!

lucieloos Mon 20-Oct-14 21:06:35

Hi there hoping on the new bus, thanks for the thread treacle smile

gemsparkle84 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:07:40

Eeek champers!!!
Anyway my stats are...
Cycle 3
TTC number 1
Currently on cd35 so I'm fingers crossed for a BFP any day!!! Xxx

Treaclepie19 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:08:46

I hope so English smile
I so hope this is it. Id be 12 and a half weeks by my due date then.
Fingers crossed.

gemsparkle84 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:09:33

Treacle have you had your BFP? X

Choccywoccydodah Mon 20-Oct-14 21:09:53

OMG, you are never going to believe this but I've just been looking back at the thread for due August 2011 (when ds was born) looking for how I was feeling etc about now and you were on it with me TerrysNo2!!!! I was KLou back then. I've just reread the outcome sad but how strange! When did you have your second little one after that? X

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