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Woo hoo! Old cluckers, over here!

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Gingerbreadlady1 Thu 09-Oct-14 16:07:01

For old birds to support each other through the madness. New old birds are most welcome, join us in the chicken coop.

Gingerbreadlady1 Thu 09-Oct-14 16:07:43

Oops, sorry ladies, let the old thread fill up without organising new one.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 09-Oct-14 18:32:50

Hi Gingerbread. I've came over from the old thread. You know all about me, well in a ttc sense so need to introduce myself

Gingerbreadlady1 Thu 09-Oct-14 18:51:14

Phew, hope everyone finds us!

stubbornstains Thu 09-Oct-14 19:12:20

Hellooo! Found you! That last thread filled up quick in the end, didn't it?

We definitely need some new old birds (35+ officially, although I don't think that's very strict), as the old old ones keep getting up the duff!

Re: your concerns about MMCs ginger- I've been fretting about the same thing, so had a Google (which I shouldn't have done, aaarrgh). But the risk is only 1%. Which isn't too bad, is it? (fret, gibber...).

Gingerbreadlady1 Thu 09-Oct-14 19:37:02

Too quickly! We had no new, pithy title ready.

Yeah we def need some chatty newbies.. It just seems much more common than that going by the amount of ladies on here that have had it happen. I guess until our 12 wk scans were gonna worry. I wonder if we should start an old bird antenatal as it doesn't seem fair to be harping on on here?

stubbornstains Thu 09-Oct-14 19:41:12

I had a look at the June antenatal thread......and ran away. Imagine all our paranoias....MAGNIFIED BY A HUNDRED. And it's really busy, so you'd have millions of agonised posts every day to plough through....I'm not made of stern enough stuff!

You have a point though...are we hogging the thread? blush.

stubbornstains Thu 09-Oct-14 19:43:05

Re: the title- I was going to suggest "Keep a little hen house in your soul" as a nod to annie and They Might Be

Gingerbreadlady1 Thu 09-Oct-14 19:53:18

Aww, I like that. I panicked a bit lol! I'm on the May thread, you've hit the nail on the head. Why don't you come up with a catchy thread for us old birds and we can chip in here but not do everyone's head in?

patch77 Thu 09-Oct-14 22:13:57

I was worried I lost you all. So glad that things are working out for all your lovelies. Hopefully things will go our way soon too.

tappycat Fri 10-Oct-14 03:34:50

guess i'm an old bird!
we recently started trying for our first, i was 40 in the summer, fairly convinced it isn't going to happen.
any advice gratefully recieved. smile

stubbornstains Fri 10-Oct-14 13:48:28

Welcome tappycat! I was 40 in spring, and I'm 6 weeks pregnant smile. It took 9 months of trying....Statistically speaking, I think the chances are that it will happen, although could possibly take longer....

My advice would be to go to the doctors for tests if nothing happens after several months (tell them you've been trying for 6). There may well be nothing "wrong", but it's always good to get the ball rolling ASAP at our age (I got my BFP the day the appointment letter from the fertility clinic arrived!).

Also, tracking when you're actually ovulating can be useful- either with OPK sticks that you wee on, or "charting"- taking your temperature every day. I got a book called "Taking Charge of your Fertility", which shows you how. May your stay here be short and sweet! smile

Gingerbreadlady1 Fri 10-Oct-14 17:55:21

Hi patch, <waves>, how's things with you?

tappy, your very welcome here, stubbornsadvice is spot on.

Where's the rest of the old birds got to? ......

stubbornstains Fri 10-Oct-14 19:52:07

I would really like to hear how inshock is doing.....

....along with everybody else!

HexyQueen Fri 10-Oct-14 21:29:25

Hi guys, went to see how you all were & discovered I'd hogged the last message (hangs head in shame).

Anyways, Stubborn's advice is right. I'm 42, 5 weeks preggers, it took 5 months, used ovulation predictor kits (cheap ones didn't work for me, used Clearblue dual hormone digital ones for last 3 months), charted my temp and keep an eye on egg white mucus.

I was given this advice by a friend, a doctor at local women's hospital:

1) start DTD a couple of days earlier than u believe u ovulate as sperm hangs around for quite a few days, so better its already in you & ready to fertilise than u suddenly get a positive on the opk & may not be able to spring into action in time (as some women only ovulate for a small number of hours/month & u may just be missing the optimum time each month.) Do the deed every other day that week.

2) Add some months/cycles when talking to docs about investigating any poss probs conceiving, esp if u r older. Most won't even talk to you about it until u have been trying over 6 months, & we older birds have much less time to fuck about with pleasantries & platitudes. If there is a problem u want to know about it early rather than later

Think u r poss right Ginger about needing another ante natal thread as we all know how upsetting it is if u r trying for a baby, & everywhere people are talking about there bumps-to-be. But I think we also show it is possible to get preggers at a slightly advanced age .....

patch77 Fri 10-Oct-14 23:21:27

Hi ginger

Things ok. Just getting fed up of waiting. Hopefully get internal tests next cycle. It's 450 to go private for the test.

BobsyBoo Sat 11-Oct-14 00:20:04

Hi can I join please? I'm 38 & been trying for a second baby for 21 months now with no luck! I've been using OPK's for last few months & I use a Fertility App, I take me temperature & I take trying for a baby tablets. Doctors won't do anything else for me because the reason I'm struggling to get pregnant is because of my age.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 11-Oct-14 02:10:58

Hi Bobsy. It's lovely to welcome you. I am 38 as well and have been trying since last year.

Katewright699 Sat 11-Oct-14 17:18:37

Hi all I've come over from the old thread smile

stubbornstains Sat 11-Oct-14 20:19:26

Welcome bobsy!

So, these doctors, have they done initial tests? (blood tests for hormone levels, sperm tests on your DP, an ultrasound to check for fibroids etc)?

Because, they can't know for sure it's "just your age". Besides, especially seeing as you must have started when you were 36, you're not even that old....I do hope you're not being fobbed off.

BobsyBoo Sat 11-Oct-14 21:49:20

I'm glad to find someone same age as me who is TTC Ilive. I know I am lucky to have my DD but I just want a sibling for her.

stubbornstains I had an ultrasound a few months ago and everything was clear, I've also had blood tests and all clear on them. My doctor said there was nothing else to test and at my age I'm not producing as many eggs and the quality isn't as good. Yes I was 36 when we started trying.

Katewright699 Sun 12-Oct-14 19:38:23

Have there been any recent bfp's for us old cluckers to celebrate ? grin

stubbornstains Sun 12-Oct-14 19:48:03

Is hexylady recent enough, at about 1 week ago? grin. Or me, at 2 weeks? Oh, it feels all too bloody recent, another 6 weeks till the 12 week scan, aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh........

ProbablyMe Sun 12-Oct-14 19:54:16

Hello smile Can I join in? I'm 40 and in month 5 of ttc number 5 - my first with my DP. I'm torn between panicking about my age and taking every supplement going and trying to stay calm and care free about it all. I'm also missing wine!!

Katewright699 Sun 12-Oct-14 19:55:32

Ahhhhh that's lovely massive congrats to you both smile thanks it seems like an age away that first scan when you find out early !!!

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