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The December 2014 bus is here armed with mulled wine, mince pies, mistletoe and a sack-full of BFPs

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Cariad2014 Thu 02-Oct-14 11:32:10

This bus is for anyone ttc hoping to get a BFP in December.

I know it's super early, but as I'm currently on a 2 month enforced break from ttc following a ruptured ectopic, December is the next bus I can catch.

Do feel free to come and join me on the journey.

Cariad2014 Fri 24-Oct-14 13:09:53

I've decided to revive this thread. I have also boarded the November bus, but have low hopes for that cycle, so realistically am almost certain to be boarding the December bus.

Stats (subject to adjustment) are likely to be: Cariad2014, 32, ttc#1, cycle 7, BFP due 15 December

montymum Sat 25-Oct-14 17:44:32

Jumping aboard the December bus.Going to start ttc number 2 next month hoping for bfp approximately13th December.

montymum Sat 25-Oct-14 17:48:17

Cariad2014 I am sorry to hear about your ectopic will keep everything crossed for you. I had 3 mcs before I conceived ds, this ttc lark isn't all plain sailing is it .

Cariad2014 Sat 25-Oct-14 19:25:09

Agreed Montymum - DH and I were so convinced that I'd get upduffed immediately, and that we'd be holding thr baby in our arms in time for my Birthday in March when we embarked on this journey. Alas, a cp and an ectopic later, it clearly wasn't to be! I've given up planning around EDDs and am just hoping for a healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby at the end of it.

I really hope your journey ttc#2 goes far more smoothly than your journey ttc#1.

spamanderson Sun 26-Oct-14 07:29:39

Hi lovelies! It's a bit optimistic for me to join but hubby and are going to start trying in December smile hubby is having a vasectomy reversal on the 14th November so is to have 2 weeks nookie free before we start. It can take well over a year to conceive after reversal but we're staying positive smile we'll be TTC #3.

montymum Sun 26-Oct-14 08:51:40

We are probably all being a little optimistic spamandeson but optimism and positivity sprinkled with a healthy dose of realism (to keep us sane) is probably the way to go!

KleineDracheKokosnuss Sun 26-Oct-14 09:09:31

Hi all - DH and I are also going to start trying for number 2 in December. I have a gorgeous DD(2) at present - but she took us over 2 years to get so I may be on the bus for quite a while... smile

dillydollydarling Sun 26-Oct-14 19:26:39

Jumping on this bus! OH and I will be TTC after I get my coil removed on October 30th! Not sure what my cycle will be like but hoping to be pregnant by christmas.

DizzyNorthernBird Sun 26-Oct-14 20:55:55

Hey can I join please? I've been eagerly waiting to join a bus after stalking others for a month or so!

DP and I agreed a while back that we'd start trying in December. I assume this is still the plan but I'm waiting for the right moment to broach the subject to confirm we're still on! If not I'll have to turn on my powers of persuasion! I've waited long enough now! DP has 2x DC from previous marriage who live with their mother. This will be my first time trying! Although I have a whole month and another AF to get through first, argh! smile

Just checking as I'm new to lingo; is the bfp due date the same date as AF will be due? Silly question I'm sure!

DizzyNorthernBird, 35, ttc #1, cycle 1, bfp due 30 Dec??

dillydollydarling Sun 26-Oct-14 21:18:12

Forgot to add,

Dillydollydarling, 23, ttc #1, cycle 1, BFP due sometime in Dec hopefully!

Cariad2014 Sun 26-Oct-14 21:27:32

Welcome Spamanderson, Kleine, DillyDolly and Dizzy - I hope your journey on the buses is a short one.

Dizzy - Your BFP date is indeed the date AF is due (although not all of us have the patience to wait that long before succumbing to our POAS addiction and taking a pregnancy test!)

spamanderson Sun 26-Oct-14 21:51:31

Thanks cariad
I'm hoping my journey won't be too long but I know our chances aren't great as we're going to be starting off with low sperm motility etc BUT hubby is coming off the caffeine, both making an effort to eat better and exercise more, bought some sperm aiding lube ( never knew such a thing existed! ) pre conception tablets for me and hubby and stocked up on ovulation sticks! And like 40 pregnancy tests too as I'm a POAS addict!
Good luck everyone, fingers and toes (but definitely not legs!) crossed for short journeys and very sticky beans smile

spamanderson 28, TTC #3, cycle 1 (to commence 28th November providing hubby is back in operation by then!) BFP due who knows when, not sure of my cycle length, was 30 days but the pill affected it sad

montymum Sat 01-Nov-14 08:54:23

Good morning everyone with about a month to go before ttc really begins anyone fancy joining me on a bit of a health kick. Nothing radical just lots of healthy eating and a little bit of exercise to get us all in tip top ttc condition!

angelaham Sat 01-Nov-14 10:15:17

hey everyone i am going to come aboard too, i am also on the November bus but going to place one foot in the bus too, keeping my options open, my cycles are all over the place but going to hope for a 28 day cycle, i may have to change my stats later on but for now

Angelaham, 34 ttc 1, cycle 6 , BFP around 26 December

newbian Sat 01-Nov-14 13:18:41

Hi ladies! I'm 99% sure I'm out (period due today and BFN this morning) so next chance would be for a BFP first week of December. I saw a doctor in September after no period for 2 months and she thinks I had a chemical in late July/early Aug. So I guess it's technically cycle 4 as I didn't ovulate in August.

newbian, 30, TTC #1, cycle 4, BFP 3 Dec

DizzyNorthernBird Sat 01-Nov-14 13:49:29

Cheers cariad, I'm hoping that to begin with I can avoid the poas frenzy although I'm sure that's easier said than done once the excitement kicks in!

My intention is also to try and do this using only the ovia app and tracking symptoms, rather than using ovulation sticks etc. At least to start off with anyway. DP has insinuated that he'd rather let nature take its course (obviously he's looking forward to lots of dtd lol) which means if I did want to start temping etc I'll have to do this covertly ha ha.

Monty I'm with you for the health kick! I Need to reduce my sugar intake, caffiene and I also want to try sticking to a gluten free diet as I'm sure these things all affect my hormones. Also need to do more running as I've been struggling to get motivated lately!

I've been off the pill now for 6 years but I've always had long cycles ever since coming off it, on average 34 days but sometimes a few days either way. I'm not sure whether this irregularity will make the ovia app an ineffective way of tracking for fertile days etc but will see how I go!

N1kkiL Sun 02-Nov-14 08:34:08

Hi all,

I alighted from the November bus, due to illness & no OV or AF since stopping the pill in August I thought I'd wait until I saw some changes in cycle.

Good news hopefully is FF has said I OV'd on Monday (missed it) so hopefully my body has kick started itself! Had a temp rise for last 6 days, had put it down to illness but feeling better now & it's still up there. Fingers crossed I see AF on 11th November!

Stats: 26, TTC#1, Cycle 1, BFP due 15th December

dillydollydarling Sun 02-Nov-14 08:43:08

Well, we are officially TTC! Had my coil out on Thursday so having withdrawal bleed now. Hoping that I will ovulate in the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to just see how things go and not use OPKs or anything. Just plenty of DTD and hoping that works! :D

Good luck to everyone smile

NighteyesFitz Sun 02-Nov-14 12:59:07

Hello all! Might I be permitted to hop on?
We're TTC#1! Was hoping for a November BFP, but alas! AF made an appearance on Halloween thlhmm

Good luck to all :D

NighteyesFitz stats: 29, TTC#1, Cycle 2, BFP due 4th Dec (ish)


spamanderson Sun 02-Nov-14 21:04:10

Evening all! How is everyone?
I've been using my ovulation sticks and they're confusing :/ we're not trying until at least the 28th of this month (26 days away, not that I have a little nookie countdown calendar or anything ;) ) I got my first positive line on the tests on the 19th (!!!!) day of my cycle.... I * think * the pill has screwed my cycle up a bit :/

Dozygirl Tue 04-Nov-14 13:58:16

Joining the december bus.

Stats dozygirl 31 ttc#1 cycle 5 BFP due 4th dec.

Boy is this ttc business stressful work!! Not sure I can take it much longer but will keep going for now.

whitwoochantelle Tue 04-Nov-14 14:19:42

I'm aboard to. 25 Ttc#1 cycle#34 bfp due 6th December. Just been revered to fertility clinic no ovuLatino last month

crazypuglady Tue 04-Nov-14 17:30:02

Ahhhhhh, bus 12. Just what I was waiting for. Pretty much sure I'm out this month. I only came off the pill mid-October and not too sure anything is actually happening in there at the moment. Starting to cycle in December doesn't seem like an unrealistic hope so I'm joining for the ride in the hope I don't get kicked off.

Stats: crazypuglady 25 TTC#1 cycle#1?? bfp due?????

If no signs of af/BFP this month I will be OPKing next month to find out what's going on in there.

N1kkiL Tue 04-Nov-14 17:41:00

hi all,

just checking in to send positive vibes to all.

I've been analysing my Ovia & FF charts and although still no AF I'm starting to see a pattern in symptoms etc & so far temperature still over cover line so hopefully I OV'd the other week (although I missed it).

I took She Oak & started vitamins as soon as I came off the pill, has anyone experienced this delaying OV at all? I started them the day before I would have been due to OV in September but nothing happened (although I'm sure my body 'geared' up for it).

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