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TTC for the first time - anyone else?

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innersanctum Sun 28-Sep-14 17:15:01

Hi all. I'm a newbie to Mumsnet. TTC for the first time - it's all new!

DH and I have decided to 'take the plunge' and TTC#1. I'm 27 and DH is 31.

It's our first month of trying.

Anyone else just starting out? Would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat and share along the way.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 28-Sep-14 17:52:30


wanttobeamummyin2015 Sun 28-Sep-14 17:55:51

Me! Am on CD14 after coming of cilest which I had been on for 8yrs. Some ovulation twinges.... But no idea what body is up to! Waiting for first proper period which should arrive on couple of weeks (or bfp!)

My stats: wanttobe, 23, ttc #1, cycle 1

wanttobeamummyin2015 Sun 28-Sep-14 17:56:30

Forgot to mention hubby is 25!

innersanctum Sun 28-Sep-14 18:09:49

Nice to hear from you Alisvolatproplis and wanttobeamummyin2015!

I'm CD13, so think I've probably ovulated and about to approach my first 2ww. Really hoping for BFP rather than AF in a couple of weeks!

Are you taking any preconception vitamins? I've decided to take Pregnacare Conception, but they're quite expensive! Thinking I might switch to just folic acid and vitamin d...

wanttobeamummyin2015 Sun 28-Sep-14 18:25:30

I am taking pregnacare! But not sure it's worth it... I have 3 packs as was on offer so will finish those bit think just folic acid after. Fx for bfp rather than af! Be pretty unlikely first cycle though :/ we have only dtd twice so far as didn't decide to ttc properly til a week in and I am unsure when I am oving!

batfish Sun 28-Sep-14 18:29:17

I will be in a week or so! Took my last pill yesterday! Trying to get to grips with how it all works - I am embarrassed to admit that I have been on the pill for 16 years and until yesterday had no idea that it stops ovulation and that's how it works - I have a LOT to learn!! :-o

innersanctum Sun 28-Sep-14 18:35:32

Yeh, I don't think it'll be first cycle bfp for me, but hoping anyway!

I don't really know when I'm ovulating, either. I'm only going by an app I've been using for the past year to track my cycle dates. All the advice seems to be to dtd 2-3 a week as it's difficult to really know.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 28-Sep-14 18:45:02

I was taking prenatals but keep forgetting. I've never been on the pill so have no routine "take a pill" mindset at all.

I'm using an app too op. I've had it for years because my period used to be a "surprise" every month hmm.

I have a 32 day cycle, on average apparently.

I'm hoping for a bfp on first go. Apparently 1 in 5 couples do conceive in the first cycle.

Trying not to overly obsess about ovulation etc and just well...have sex.

Blue500 Sun 28-Sep-14 19:06:41

I'm new too! I've been off the pill for 2 weeks now and trying to dtd every couple of days. My af hasn't arrived yet, so I'm hoping it'll come soon so I can work out my ovulation and have a better grasp on what's going on down there. It's all so frustrating and such a minefield! I've heard it can take months for af to get back to normal. Feel like it's the first step on a very long journey smile

batfish Sun 28-Sep-14 19:15:22

Hi Blue500 - I know what you mean about feeling like it could be a long journey ahead - of all my friends who have babies or are pregnant hardly any of them were able to get pregnant quickly so I assume it will take us a while, I suppose it is a good way to be as then if it does happen quickly then it will be a nice surprise but then if it doesn't then not too much disappointment. Although I worry that in a couple of weeks when we are in the official TTC zone I will get carried away and think it is going to happen immediately! I'm a bit scared too as a couple of friends have had really sad times during their baby efforts so I can't imagine being able to relax when the time does come! But anyway, first things first - let's figure out how it all works!

DogOnALeash Sun 28-Sep-14 19:34:13

Hi, me too!!

Been off the pill 3 months but only just on cycle 1 TTC no.1!
Just entered the nightmare of 2WW.

Is anyone else having/had issues trying to get DH/DP on board? Took me a couple of months of convincing, poor love is a bit terrified but I know he's going to be a fabulous daddy smile he's so wonderful with all of our nieces and nephew. Couldn't be a more natural dad in my eyes.

So, who's nervous? grin

batfish Sun 28-Sep-14 19:44:18

Good luck DogOnALeash! I don't think I have an issue with the hubby but time will tell I guess - we have both decided to start TTC but I'm trying to play it cool - we have been together since we were 17 (now 33) so although it is exciting that we are potentially entering a new chapter I don't want to shock him by turning into some baby crazed monster overnight when for the past 16 years I've been anything but!! I think he is just looking forward to a serious increase in bedroom action! But up to now we have both been pretty chilled as we enjoy our life with just us so it's been a big decision deciding that the time is right to try to turn it all upside down!

I'm sure your hubby's terror will wear off a bit when he gets used to the idea - quickly followed by it returning when you get pregnant and he realises he is going to be a daddy! :-)

innersanctum Sun 28-Sep-14 19:45:49

Hi batfish and Blue500. I feel like it could be the start of a long journey too! It feels quite strange to not have control over how quickly it will happen. I'm a planner and like to feel in control!

I've never been on the pill either, and my cycle can be a little irregular (can be anything from 28-32 days). We're also trying to dtd every couple of days.

Our friends recently got pregnant within 2 months, and 3 months, of trying, so fx we're similar. Although my mum had to have fertility treatment...

Alisvolatpropiis - I'm liking your approach - don't obsess, just get on with it!

innersanctum Sun 28-Sep-14 19:49:31

DogOnALeash - Hi!

It's the complete opposite with me and DH. My DH has wanted kids for as long as I can remember, and I've been dragging my feet. I am ready, but SO nervous. It's a big deal!

batfish DH and I have been together since we were 17, too, so for 10 years now. It definitely feels like a whole new chapter.

Blue500 Sun 28-Sep-14 20:10:45

Hi all - I know what you mean about trying to stay calm. I'm also a control freak and this feels like the one thing I have no control over. I know soon enough I'm going to be out of my mind with it! That's why I'm eager for my first af to arrive so I can start working out when I ovulate, after that it's out of my hands. I have a mixture of friends and family who either get pg just by looking at their partner or they have fertility problems with no hope of getting pg. I just really want it to happen sooner rather then later. I'm 32 and dh is 37, we've been married 5 months and both so keen to move onto the next stage of our lives. Fx for us all smile

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 28-Sep-14 20:14:59

I'm the first of my close friends to even consider trying, never mind actually doing so. Though I know other people who have children, it's more old school friend/work colleague on Facebook so not close enough to ask about their ttc experiences.

So I've nothing to compare to! Apparently my sibling and I were both "surprises" which indicates there are no family issues re fertility. Will just have to wait and see.

If it goes on for some time without a bfp, I'll get more technical but for now I'm going to remain calm(ish) this is not my natural state of being

DogOnALeash Sun 28-Sep-14 20:26:03

innersanctum & blue I'm a planner too so it is definitely tough not knowing what's going to happen and when! If you don't wanna be obsessive but at least wanna know whats going on with your body i definitely recommend some sort of fertility app like Ovia, helps you figure out how long your cycles are and predicts when you should be ovulating, it's really helpful.

Trying not to be a crazy obsessive to my DH is fun, the other day I lay there after DTD for a bit so his swimmers could do their job and he said "I find it really creepy you're hoarding my sperms" haha I'm not hoarding them I'm just giving them a fighting chance!

wanttobeamummyin2015 Sun 28-Sep-14 20:43:27

I feel the same as all of you! First out of my friends, only a couple are married or in serious relationships. My cousins all hot married young like me, and one has an 18m old lg so have a small amount of experience with her but not really! I am a massive control freak I think the ovia app and checking my cm is only thing keeping me sane and it's only been 2 weeks! My DH wanted kids for ages, he wants lots and to have them young so pressure is on! Ha a pregnancy scare last year but we were both a bi disappointed that the test wasn't positive. Here's hoping it happens quickl as I am so impatient :P I think when it gets to 4 days before when I think is my ad I will be poas obsessively especially as I have bought a multipack of internet cheapies... Hehe

wanttobeamummyin2015 Sun 28-Sep-14 20:45:00

Haha dog - hoarding sperms ;) my DH lay there with his legs up too cos he wanted to join in! We ended up in hysterics it was the most ridiculous sight smile

Silverglitter Sun 28-Sep-14 21:37:02

I am 26 and my husband is 32 and we are ttc baby number 1.
Second month trying and I am trying my very best not to turn into crazy baby lady but it's so hard not to get totally obsessed!
I too am tracking on an app and have been for a while now. I did try the ov tests but found it really hard to do them at the same time of day each day so have abandoned them in favour of date tracking and monitoring CM, I seem to be getting EWCM (sorry FAR TMI!!!) at the right times so fingers crossed!
I should ov in the next couple of days so we are doing the bd as much as possible and I've got my fingers permanently crossed.
Would be great to hear from people in the same boat, all my friends seem to have got pg within a month or 2 so I'm terrified for some reason it won't happen for us.

adora1985 Mon 29-Sep-14 00:25:12

I hope I'm ok in here, we're TTC our first, but it's not our first time trying. We first tried back in 2011-I'd been on the pill 9 years and got a bfp really quickly, followed by two mcs within a few months of each other. No other bfps after the second mc.
Fast forward to now and we're TTC again, we both have fertility problems and have been referred to a specialist, but have been told to keep going anyway as you never know!
So, I'm 28, my DH is 29. If there's anything we can take or do to maybe help our chances then we're doing it, so I'm keeping everything crossed and staying hopeful that even though we don't have a great chance of getting there without help, I have quite a few friends who have fertility issues and have now had their BFP or have babies, so it can and does happen.

innersanctum Mon 29-Sep-14 08:09:20

adora1985 you are most welcome! smile Crossed fingers for you.

Ovia seems to be a popular app choice. I've been using some crappy free one called PD, but it has my cycle data from last March, so quite useful now. Think I'll get the Ovia one too. My phone's going to turn into a crazed conception dashboard!

I'm also the first of my close friends to try for a baby (or get married!). It's only friends through my DH who've had babies as he's four years older than me, so great to find you all to chat to about it.

I'm trying to keep my stress levels down atm. I've read that stressed ladies will take 30% longer to conceive!

Blue500 Mon 29-Sep-14 08:34:33

I'm using ovia, but maybe I'm using it wrong or it's just cause I'm only 2 wks off the pill but it doesn't seem to track much for me. The info on when I might be ovulating never changes. I'm hoping that will change when I have more symptoms though. I just want to fast forward a few wks or months so badly! Lol!

tessiegirl Mon 29-Sep-14 18:41:12

Hello all!
We are also ttc #1 and I came off the pill just over two weeks ago. Just waiting to see what my body is up to and trying to DTD as much as we can. My poor hubby doesn't know what has hit him with me pouncing on him!! I am also using Ovia but won't be sure it is working accurately until AF arrives. Trying not to be obsessed but have bought some opks, Conceive Plus lube, Pregnacare His and Her conception vitamins, a basal temperature thermometer and a couple of fertility books. Haha! Can't you just tell that I am a planner as well! Thankfully DH is more than happy for me to get all this to improve our chances of trying to work out my cycles as much as we can, bless him! Looking forward to the journey ahead that we can all share together grin

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