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Shop bought fertility tests.....anyone's husbands tried them??

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nicg85 Mon 22-Sep-14 12:51:59

Hi guys,

So I have had blood tests done and have all come back clear. Was thinking just to put my mind at rest buying a fertility test online for my husband to try.
Anyone done this before and if so what did you think??

I came off the pill in feb this year. Now I know we haven't been ttc very long but I keep worrying that something might be wrong with us. I though if my DH does a sperm test it would put my mind at rest but not sure if they are good or not.

Can anyone give any advice??

Thanks, Nic xx

nicg85 Tue 23-Sep-14 08:01:15


InternetFOREVER Tue 23-Sep-14 08:07:08

I know a couple of men who have done them - both came out fine, but one turned out to have male factor infertility. So perhaps not great accuracy! I don't know if it would be massively more expensive to get a private sperm analysis done if its too soon to get one on the NHS?

dixiedoodle Tue 23-Sep-14 08:17:22

Morning, We used an internet bought home test sperm kit for piece of mind. I can't quite remember what aspects of sperm it tested as we are quite a lot further in our journey now. Not sure how much you know but there are many factors (shape, swimability, live count and others I've forgotten) that can effect why a couple may not be conceiving and I'm not sure if the test is for only one of the factors. As with all tests, the results are only as accurate as your correct usage of the kit. I remember it being a bit fiddly as there were a few delicate steps and with ours the tube of sperm needed to stay in a bath of water which had to stay at an almost constant temperature for quite a time (maybe 15 mins). The instructions are clear and the test gave us piece of mind.
Good luck!!

nicg85 Tue 23-Sep-14 19:21:36

Thanks for your input guys. I think I'm going to get my husband to go to docs and let them do the test.

Nic xx

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