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TTC 10 Months Plus, Supporting each other & Staying Positive :) This thread will be the BFP one!

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victoria401 Sun 07-Sep-14 09:24:50

This is a thread for ladies who have been ttc longer than 10 months who have started the ball rolling with tests and treatments. We are all here to support each other though these darker days to the baby shaped light at the end of the tunnel!

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 07-Sep-14 09:32:58

Hello can I join you ladies please? We started ttc at Christmas and af arrived rudely yesterday so it'll be October by the time another bfp date comes around. We've decided to go to the gp as I have several underlying problems. Chronic anaemia, underactive thyroid and endometriosis. I'm going to ask for a gynea referral as I think the endo Is running havoc again.

maybug3 Sun 07-Sep-14 09:35:37

Can't believe we're onto our third thread!

As promised I'll start with a recap.

33 years old. Ttc for two and a half years. Slightly overweight and mild depression but otherwise healthy. SA had shown dh has low count - just 1 million on first test and then none on second! My bloods have all come back inconclusive as levels lower than expected but my temp charts suggest I am ovulating. Already had ultrasound and all normal from that. Avoid poas at all costs whether opk or hpt as find them depressing.

Waiting for first fertility appointment in one week. Dh also has urology appointment end of October.

Fx this will be the thread for loss of good news for all of us.

victoria401 Sun 07-Sep-14 09:36:44

Welcome to the new thread, updates needed on all our current situations. I'll start the ball rolling....

Month 22 of ttc #1 at age 34. Referred for nhs fertility treatment in June after devastating news of male factor infertility where ivf with icsi would be our only option. First appointment September 2nd where we find out that there had been a lab error with dh's 1st result and he's classed as having normal sperm, with slightly low morphology. The specialists are now turning their attentions to me for answers why we've not conceived. I'm due to have a HSG next cycle if af behaves and the only window for the test doesn't fall during our holidays! with a follow up appointment with the clinic October 15th.

maybug3 Sun 07-Sep-14 09:36:55

Welcome extra. This is the right thread for you! Hopefully gp can get the ball rolling for you nice and quickly. X

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 07-Sep-14 09:40:38

Thanks ladies. smile

lildottie Sun 07-Sep-14 10:01:29

Found You!

ttc 22 months for no 1. aged 29 (fast approaching 30) and dh 32. dhs SAs showed good count but low morph (3%) and low motility (4%) . my ultra sound, bloods and hsg are all fine. saw consultant for first time since getting referred mid July and told would have icsi as motility below 15%. also told dh to take vit c as the antioxidants help stop the bad sperm attacking the good sperm. currently waiting for appointment to explain the procedure, due end sept, and then an appointment to reach me how to inject myself before starting the icsi. hoping we'll be having treatment before Xmas.

Lauraqc Sun 07-Sep-14 10:42:50

Hi all!

Status: TTC #1, 33 years old. Came off pill Aug 13 and non-existent cycles. Got referral to fertility nurse and had appt on 20.08. Was told I've got to lose 2st and be at BMI of 30 before I'd get any help. DH had SA results which was low count of 1 million. Apparently they didn't test for morph or motility. He's got to repeat the test, I'm currently having day 2-5, 21 and 25 bloods taken. Scan is on Tuesday. Next fertility appt is in Feb 15 where I'm expected to have lost the 2st. Was given notheristrone to bring on a bleed for my bloods but my body thought it'd better stop messing about and I got af last week ha! Clear cycles now emerging so hopeful!

Lovely to see you all on this new thread where hopefully we'll be besieged by BFPs!!!!

xBlueberry88x Sun 07-Sep-14 11:00:46

Hey ladies my update is....

Ttc my first baby im 26 been trying 18 cycles once this af finally arrives.

Im slightly over weight which my gynae doc mentioned.

Ive had internal scan and HSG which were both okay but will hear more at next appointment on 28th.

I wasnt ovulating but i know for definite the last two months at least i have.

xBlueberry88x Sun 07-Sep-14 11:01:45

Oh ps i was on depo for 10 years took 8 months to get a period and then no ovulation for 15 cycles

Mam31 Sun 07-Sep-14 12:59:37

Hello MrsE and welcome!!! You are one of the bus old timers like me!!!!

Well, my story is...
Been ttc no2 for 18 cycles (I think, have kindof stopped counting) had all blood tests, and hsg last week which was normal so hoping flush of tubes does the trick for us! DH SA all normal according to consultant, I questioned the 7% morphology but she was not concerned about this and count and motility were all great.

Trying to stay relaxed and positive so have not been on here too much, also no poas ever despite previously being a poas addict! I have found it much better not poas and saving money in a little pot instead for when we get our little miracle!

I have a good feeling that I may be pregnant before Christmas...optimistic as ever!!!! haha!!!

Good luck ladies, let's all remain positive and work through this together!

Mam31 Sun 07-Sep-14 13:01:36

And may I just add I do believe in prayer and miracles...that may not be your thing but I will be praying for us all and appreciate all who will do the same for me as this will work!

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 07-Sep-14 16:12:34

Hi mam31, hi blueberry! Well me and dh mean business today. We went and bought a sperm test from boots. I don't doubt it's not full proof and I'm sure we may end up going to the gp for a proper one, but it's a start. Also picked up some manuka honey today. I'm starting soy isoflavones tonight, a day earlier than last month. It definitely regulated my cycle last month.

So my stats are:
Age MrsE 34
Dh 41 in 3 wks
Ttc no2 with dh2 (I have 4 older children with xh) so 5 in total.
Month 10

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 07-Sep-14 20:35:56

Thanks for the new thread vic! I hope you are right about this being the BFP one! Good to see that some of you have made some progress since the very first thread.
My stats, ttc no.2 for 16 cycles, age 28 DH 29, only had day 21 bloods done which after much research myself and many trips to and from the Drs were done on day 24, did suggest I am ovulating, but I think I may have LPD issues so taking vitB6. DHs SA came back all normal. Been waiting for a gynae referral appointment for months, hopefully a date for November time will come through soon so I can get the scans/hsg etc done, considering going private to see a specialist to get some answers, but don't really have any spare cash! Am fairly overweight, could do with losing a few stone, and both of us could do with cutting back on the caffeine and booze! Trying out a new positive thinking/laidback approach after being obsessed and miserable about it all for the last 6 months, also trying to believe I will be pregnant by Christmas mam! It's about bloody time for a string of BFPs.

Nonconformist34 Sun 07-Sep-14 21:00:24

Hello everyone, loving the positivity on the new thread and the recap!

My stats are as follows;
I'm 34, DH 37 ttc#1 cycle 16. Never ever had a BFP sad Both general health good, all tests so far have come back fine for both of us so I presume we have unexplained subfertility.
Have been off the pill for over 3 years so told a white lie that we've being trying for 2 years so could get the referral (frustratingly, when I turn 35 I would've only had to be ttc for twelve months!).

We've had two appointments at the NHS fertility clinic. We've spoke to the consultant who has offered 3 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF on the NHS. I'm currently waiting to book my HSG at start of next cycle which should be end of the month. Hopefully then we can get cracking with some treatment before Xmas.

I too would love a BFP for Xmas, really thought I would by last Xmas, can't believe we're coming up to another one!

cooperG Sun 07-Sep-14 21:30:58

Hi ladies, thanks for the new thread vic

My stats: me and dh both 28, ttc #1, came off pill dec 2012 to get cycles back to normal, didn't happen for 12 months! Had been referred to gynae unit at local hosp in meantime, hycosy results all fine, dh SA not good first time, slightly better second time but morph bad (2%).

So we've been having unprotected sex for 16 months (May 2013) but officially trying-trying since January this year. Not one single BFP but desperately wanting to believe it'll happen this year! :/

We're still under the gynae unit and they say next step is looking into "assisted conception", so I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point hmm

lildottie Sun 07-Sep-14 23:03:55

mrse we bought one of those home sperm tests last year when wed been trying about 10/11 months and it said dh was great. as you can see from my previous post he's far from great. just wanted to warn you they are nowhere near as reliable as laboratory tests as they only really test count. my dh has v good count so the test came back OK at home.

MrsExtraOrdinary Mon 08-Sep-14 07:45:14

Lil I agree you are very right. But I think it gets us into the mode of tests. Tbh I think it's me if anyone. We have got little ds nearly 3 and I had a previous mc 2 years prior to that. So even if dhs sperm has deteriorated a bit it's more likely my endo, anaemia and thyroid causing our issues. Also I'm overdue a smear shock oh god I hate them. But must get it sorted.

Metalhead Mon 08-Sep-14 10:01:51

Hi ladies, checking in to the new thread (thanks for starting it vic).

My stats are: just turned 35, ttc #2 for 14 months with one mmc in Feb '14. Currently having initial blood tests and a private ultrasound in a couple of weeks as I'm worried I might have developed uterine scarring following surgical management for the mc. opks and temps all indicate that I'm ovulating regularly and has I've managed to conceive twice with DH I don't think his sperm can be at fault...

It was my DD's first day at school today, poor little thing. She looked so small but grown up at the same time in her uniform...

MrsExtraOrdinary Mon 08-Sep-14 20:11:15

Evening all, have any of you tried soya isoflavones? I've just started my 2nd cycle of them. They really helped regulate my cycle again last month after a ridiculous patch of silly length cycles 36-40 days right back down to 28 again! smile

Mam31 Mon 08-Sep-14 20:34:18

MrsE are they just for irregular cycles? Or other benefits also? I haven't tried them

lildottie Mon 08-Sep-14 20:37:24

mam soya insoflavones are supposed to regulate hormones, so they would do many things within the body, not just ttc related.

Lauraqc Mon 08-Sep-14 22:08:07

Ooh MrsE where would I get some from! Currently on day 10 of af with no signs of it finishing - driving me mad just want to get on with dtd again!!!

MrsExtraOrdinary Mon 08-Sep-14 22:46:51

Well i expect some of you ladies will remember kitty on the buses. She just got her bfp back in September after several months of crazy cycles, on her first soy cycle. You can get them from amazon. But I got mine in tesco. They have had some great reviews In assisting bfps. It's best to do a bit of research though. Maybe not for everyone. It's basically supposed to stimulate your ovaries naturally. Still gotta get the sperm to the egg though wink they are just in the vitamin section. So I'm doing 120mg on day 2 and 3 and 160mg on day 4, 200mg on day 5 and 6. Then start testing for ov. Last month it shortened my usual 7 day period to 5 days, I felt very feminine and sexy, which helped in the dtd part, my cb smily was probably 3 days earlier than before too. Also only a 28 day cycle. I just don't think I dtd enough before ov.

MrsExtraOrdinary Mon 08-Sep-14 22:49:14

But I have had the mother of all periods! So that might be soy related. confused

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