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Standard 'can you see a line' thread

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MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 19:09:02

Guys, can you see it? Am I being mad? Sure I can see something!

Morganlove Mon 18-Aug-14 19:38:25

I'm looking at this on my phone and usually have to zoom in to look at the photo before seeing a line - but with this I can see the second line without the need to zoom! Looks like you are pregnant!!!!!! Massive congratulations!!! How many days past ovulation are you? x

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 18-Aug-14 19:42:54

I can see a line definitely!

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 19:45:34

I think the second really strong line is part of the test?? There's one next to it that faint - I was looking at that one? Am 12-13dpo.

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 19:46:46

Does the second line count if it's after the 'crease'??

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 20:40:05

Gah think it was just an evap line. Going to do another one then call it a night.

gamerchick Mon 18-Aug-14 20:42:02

I just see the edge of the soaking up stuff looking like a line. Do another one.

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 18-Aug-14 20:42:52

Try again, but only once.
Then leave it a few days if you can bear it?

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 20:48:51

Ok, new one:

Really think I can see something on greyscale, but think I'm also driving myself a bit insane!

Boysclothes Mon 18-Aug-14 20:51:38

Can you post a pic that is properly focused? Love a line thread but can't see the test well enough!

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 18-Aug-14 20:52:43

Am struggling with that tbh! Only have phone at mo.

princesscupcakemummyb Mon 18-Aug-14 23:12:40

sorry im not sure hun

MaGratgarlik1983 Tue 19-Aug-14 08:11:43

Ok finally one from this morning:

ThatBloodyWoman Tue 19-Aug-14 08:13:40

No I can't see a line.

Boysclothes Tue 19-Aug-14 08:32:09

No, I can't. FYI I did a FRER with my mc when my HCG blood level was 20, I.e. Incredibly low, and the FRER was immediately a strong positive. They are really very sensitive and good at showing the line. So that makes me really sure there isn't a line on that FRER.

Try again tomorrow! Xx

MaGratgarlik1983 Tue 19-Aug-14 09:07:19

Yep that's what I thought too! Ah well, onto AF checking and the next cycle! Thanks for all your help smile

MaGratgarlik1983 Tue 19-Aug-14 09:08:00

Also, sad obvs! But not out totally until AF shows up.

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