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TTC #1 hoping for BFP before xmas.

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babybelle1 Wed 13-Aug-14 18:15:07


I am new to mumsnet and just wanted to start a new thread for those who have maybe just started ttc or have been for a while and their goal is to get a bfp before xmas this year.

I have just started ttc and not long off microgynon so waiting to see what happens. Not telling anyone as me and DP want to keep it to ourselves until bfp to avoid any pressure so just looking for some internet friends to chat to!

Sarahg1 Wed 13-Aug-14 18:32:20

Hello! I will join you... been off microgynon since March and desperately hoping for a bfp before Xmas (was originally hoping for one before my bday end of sept. 2 AF due before then so still a chance but only a small one...) so my new aim is Xmas.

good luck to you and anyone else who joins us!

BananaToast Wed 13-Aug-14 18:37:09

I'm in the same position, this is my first cycle TTC #1 and would love to get a BFP before the end of 2014. Currently waiting for AF (or possibly a BFP) to arrive this week, then I'm into cycle 2.

patienceisvirtuous Wed 13-Aug-14 18:43:46

I'll join smile

I started ttc in march, got a BFP in apr, had a mc in may, started ttc again in june/july. Currently overdue period by one week but tests are negative! Aargh, so think my cycle is still sorting itself.

I am 36yo so will give myself to end of year before seeing doc if not successful.

Good luck everyone smile

Snowqueen2014 Wed 13-Aug-14 20:03:37

I will join you as I would love bfp before Xmas. We have being ttc since November.��

creamhearts Wed 13-Aug-14 20:11:56


We are just starting to TTC, would love a bfp by Christmas so I'll join in! Lots of luck to everyone else xx

teeniedeenie34 Wed 13-Aug-14 20:32:55

Hi all. I will join you ladies, a BFP in the next few months would be a lovely Christmas present!!! I am 34 and my partner is 32, and we have also just started ttc #1. I took my last mercilon pill on 27th July so this will be my first cycle too :-)

Gillian1980 Wed 13-Aug-14 20:57:43

TTC #1 and on my first cycle since coming off cerazette. Really hoping for a BFP before Christmas!

Good luck to everyone smile

Alby16 Wed 13-Aug-14 21:08:24

Would love a BFP before Crimbo smile think I am Out the running this month sad was shamefully symptom spotting all month can't seem to get pregnancy out my head and tonight I have some horrible bloating and AF is due in 3 days.

teeniedeenie34 Wed 13-Aug-14 21:24:04

Has anyone noticed in the first weeks off the pill they have had cramps, a lot of bloating, pain in lower back, wind, gurgling stomach??? I've also had waves of nausea but I think that may be the prenatal vits I am taking. Coming off the pill hasn't felt very good at all!

angelaham Wed 13-Aug-14 21:34:02

Il join you too, i Came off Yasmin pill at the end of December, we have only been trying the last few months!!! so it would be great to get a BFP before christmas!!!

babybelle1 Wed 13-Aug-14 21:39:59

Hi all!

I have found coming off pill I am experiencing symptoms very similar to pregnancy and it is making me believe (hold out hope) that I actually am when I know it's most likely just side effects of coming off my bc.

Similar to others I cannot get it out my head!

Good luck everyone hopefully we get the result we want by the end of the year. I think it might be healthier for my sanity if I'm not saying end of this month!!

MrsGingerbread Thu 14-Aug-14 06:42:35

Oh, can I join please?

We have been trying for our first baby since February.

I had an early mc in May and the due date was in January. So I REALLY would like to be at least pregnant by then smile

I'm 8dpo at the moment.

Good luck everyone!

fingerscrossed123x Thu 14-Aug-14 08:40:30

Hi. Can I join in as well? I came off the pill in May and I have just had my first 28 day cycle using Ovia app to record. So this is our #1 TTC. Would love to be BFP by xmas.

I know what you mean about "feeling pregnant" after coming off....I was convinced within a few weeks but nope just my body playing tricks on me!

Good luck ladies xx

croon979 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:02:06

I will join in too!
I have been off microgynon for a year but only starting TTC this month. Also had some pregnancy type symptoms when I came off the pill (sore boobs mainly) and it did take a few months for my body and cycle to reset itself.
Have also bought a clear blue advanced fertility monitor to help me figure out my most fertile days. I should be in my most fertile phase during the next couple of days. Am hoping for a BFP by Christmas.
Good luck to all xx

OneDayLikeThis2013 Thu 14-Aug-14 09:23:16

Hi ladies, I'll join you too.

My stats: OneDay, 27, TCC no.1, MMC June 2014 (would have been due in January so really really REALLY hoping to be pregnant again by Christmas)

Currently on 12dpo of my first proper cycle since the MC and in the dreaded 2ww

CabbagePatchCheryl Thu 14-Aug-14 10:02:54

Morning all - I'd love to join if that's ok.

I'm on TTC cycle 1, just had a BFN. Have spent 2ww symptom spotting and stressing like crazy despite swearing to myself and DH that I wouldn't blush Really don't want this to take over my life completely!

Came off the pill in January but periods didn't seem anything like normal till last month, hence this is the first month we've put any (ahem) effort into TTC. Not using any OPKs, BBTs etc yet - is anyone else?

Completely hear what you are all saying about pregnancy symptoms - I've had them ALL but literally every one of them can be explained by something else wink

BananaToast Thu 14-Aug-14 16:35:29

Well I didn't last long - BFP this morning! Still in a state of total shock! Wishing all of you lots of luck.

StrawberryCheese Thu 14-Aug-14 16:56:54

I'll join in smile I stopped taking Loestrin last month and my AF has arrived exactly 28 days later. I hope it will continue to be regular. Not had much erm... opportunity to ttc properly as DH has been away with work. I would love to have a BFP by Christmas.

Congrats BananaToast!

angelaham Thu 14-Aug-14 17:08:23

Cabbage i came off the pill end of December and i was on yasmin pill and think that last months cycle seemed like it was getting back to normal, up until then it was like a really light period and was early and late, hoping it now settles down and we get out BFP soon

CabbagePatchCheryl Thu 14-Aug-14 17:16:42

Wow! Congrats BananaToast! Can you waft some of that super-fertility in our general direction wink

Am still a little bit (unreasonably) sad about the BFN this morning but it's our wedding anniversary so will celebrate/commiserate with a bucket glass of wine and some quality time with DH.

CabbagePatchCheryl Thu 14-Aug-14 17:16:49

angelaham I was exactly the same - had one period that was "normal" (i.e. what it would have been on the pill and then several very long cycles with v light bleeding. But I've settled to 28 days now and have been trying to keep track of CM which seems to be following the right pattern now. Not sure at what stage we'll start with the OV monitoring. I'd rather keep it simple if poss for now.

teeniedeenie34 Thu 14-Aug-14 17:34:26

Wow!! Big congrats bananatoast! :-)

creamhearts Thu 14-Aug-14 18:08:56

Congratulations Bananatoast!

I was taking medication that had stopped my periods but have changed my medication and now my periods have come back so I don't know how regular my cycle will be but I am hopeful.

babybelle1 Thu 14-Aug-14 19:04:11

congratulations bananatoast that amazing news.

Sorry to hear that cabbage hopefully next month is your month.

Lets hope we all get as much baby luck as bananatoast. I am still just waiting on af!!

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