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BFing & no periods - pregnancy possible???

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kiwicath Fri 02-Apr-04 12:30:48

I may be completely ignorant and naive but I was told once that you can get preggers even if your periods haven't returned and while breastfeeding. Having a friendly dispute with best friend - she says "only if you're the Virgin Mary hon". Not planning on another one JUST yet but would just like to get the facts straight. Cheers.

M2T Fri 02-Apr-04 12:34:18

Kiwicath - My nextdoor neighbours daughter just found out she's pregnant! She thought she would be okay as she was still exclusively BFing her dd and hadn't had a period.... so they have NO IDEA how far on she is yet!

So be careful....

elliott Fri 02-Apr-04 12:49:30

Its certainly possible. Remember you are likely to ovulate before any period shows up, and if you catch that one.....
I know of several people who have conceived without having a period after their first baby - the earliest when the first was four months old.
The standard advice is NOT to rely on bf for contraception.
My periods have already come back btw at 3 months, so you can't assume they'll stay away for any particular length of time even if exclusively bf.
ok lecture over....

motherinferior Mon 05-Apr-04 09:10:38

I have several friends who got up duff while breastfeeding. Two of whom were using contraception.

lazyeye Mon 05-Apr-04 09:16:14

2 friends here as well - 1 got pg whilst exculsively bf and on the pill, but was on antibiotics and another who got pg 3 months after giving birth to twins!!

I also got pg (though lost it) before my periods returned - must have been the first it does happen

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